MIAMI — A touch of Afro-Cuban genius is on its way to the 25th annual Miami Book Fair International this weekend.

On Saturday, Nov. 15, Cuban native and renowned author Carlos Moore is expected to highlight his new work of literature, titled Pichon: A Memoir, Race, and Revolution in Castro's Cuba.

A presentation of the book will take place along with a question-and-answer segment that will follow.  Moore said he hopes that in his new book, readers can get a personal perspective of the character attacks he faced from the Cuban government throughout his lifetime.

“This book is the story of my life. It’s a story of my adherence to and my defense to the Cuban Revolution in regards to race,” Moore stated.

Moore is best known for his prior masterpiece Castro, the Blacks, and Africa, an academic study composition that sharply criticized the Cuban Revolution.

Pichon: A Memoir, Race, and Revolution in Castro's Cuba, differs from that earlier work in that it gives a more intimate autobiographical look into the life of Carlos Moore, and how race and race relations can extend beyond a particular region.

It was the banishment from Cuba for 34 years that prompted Moore to share his story.

Pichon: A Memoir, Race, and Revolution in Castro’s Cuba demonstrates my fight with the Cuban authorities,’’ Moore said. “The Cuban government made many attempts to ‘character assassinate’ me, and this book shares that story of how my credibility and even my family were affected.”

Moore, who celebrated a birthday the same day Sen. Barack Obama was elected president of the United States, has traveled and lived in France, Africa, and a few islands in the Caribbean. After being exiled from his hometown in Cuba, Moore relied on his talent as an extraordinary writer to share his life.

Not only did he decide to publish books to educate the masses on race and race relations, he also gave himself an opportunity to become the protagonist in his own written narrative. With two doctorates from the University of France in Paris, he has impeccable expertise in his field.

“I studied extensively to qualify as someone who specializes in race and human science and I have a doctorate in both,” Moore told the South Florida Times.

Moore has concluded that the root cause of much of Cuba's tribulations lies within the disparity between the leadership and the population.

“Between 62 and 72 percent of the Cuban population is black, however 71.8 percent of the leadership in Cuba is white. This is truly a disturbing situation,” Moore concluded.

Moore said he looks forward to a national and international book tour following his debut at the Miami Book Fair International this weekend. Some of the major places he plans to visit include Atlanta, New York City and California.

In March 2009, Moore will continue his book tour internationally with destinations to Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados and many others. He will then return to his current residence in Bahia, Brazil.


WHAT: Carlos Moore will speak and answer questions on his new book Pichon: A Memoir, Race, and Revolution in Castro's Cuba.

WHERE: Miami Book Fair International: Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus, Room 7113, Building 7 on the first floor, 300 NE 2nd Ave., Miami.

WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 15th at 10 a.m.

COST: Tickets are $5

CONTACT: For a full schedule of events, log on to