germaine-smith-baugh_web.jpgIt is nothing short of electric! The atmosphere is charged with hope and promise!

The historic nature of what occurred on Tuesday, Nov. 4 is not lost on anyone — whether you liked the outcome or not!

Here is a quick personal story:

When we woke up my five-year-old son on the morning of Nov. 5, we told him that Barack Obama won the presidential election. Rubbing his eyes, he cheered!  As I was dressing him, he told me that he was going to let all his classmates know that Obama had won, because many of them were voting for (Sen. John) McCain.

I did not want him to cause any arguments at school, so I tried to persuade him not to talk about it too much because his classmates might be sad. He looked at me quite puzzled.

So I followed up with, “If McCain had won, would you be happy?’’ He cocked his head and said, “YES! He is a good person, too!’’

At that point, I closed my mouth and told him that he was smarter than most adults (he loved that part).

My point….a little child shall lead us.

As celebrations erupt across the globe, there is no need for division. The real work is just beginning and will require all of us to rise to another level to take this country out of the doldrums. Leadership is not easy. There are times when you need a leader that not only has the cognitive ability to make decisions but also the intuitive insight to inspire others to potential greatness – beyond their own glory.

Yes, TODAY is historic.

Yes, TODAY the world sees America differently.

Yes, TODAY throughout the nation there are many people that now believe they/we can.

AND then TOMORROW we will be called to SERVE our neighbors, our community and our nation in a way that we are only beginning to comprehend.
Make it a GREAT DAY!
Germaine Smith-Baugh is the president and CEO of the Urban League of Broward County.