rev.-george-lee.jpgBELZONI, Miss. (AP) – Civil rights pioneer the Rev. George Lee will be honored with a marker on the Mississippi Freedom Trail. The ceremony was to be held Friday in Belzoni at Green Grove M.B. Church, where the marker will be placed.

Lee was a vice president of the Regional Council of Negro Leadership and a co-founder of the Belzoni branch of the NAACP.

Lee, a Baptist minister who urged his Belzoni parishioners to register to vote, was killed in 1955 by a shotgun blast fired at his car. After Lee was sprayed with buckshot, his car crashed into the porch of a woman’s house. Initially, she told police she’d seen the shooter but later said she’d seen nothing.

No one was ever charged in the case.

Lee’s funeral was held at Green Grove M.B. Church.