I tried to take my life and yet I lived,

I wanted to see my father quickly for my heart He would not misgive.

At my end, I felt, I could not take it anymore

Indeed there was a conversation from The Miami Herald floor to the trauma room door.

My heart palpitating, fading, I heard the people saying in disbelief,

“He took his life!’’ In dispositions of grief, trying to grant my life relief.

My enemies pride ascending wishing that I die, oh yes, I heard you all.

And at an instant my Savior caught me that I would not fall.

He expressed His displeasure by saying this,

“Son I will not accuse, nor will I harbor anger forever,

But for one moment in time you forgot about the letter.’’

The one of My perfect will, not a soul shall be lost: “I died for you, I bore the cross.”

And Lord, did you hear them, what they said about me?

I just wanted it all to go away and cease. I’m engulfed in flesh, full of pain, and my soul is not at ease.

They pressed and they poked and raped me of my very name, all because I understood how to play their game, and at it I became better than good.

I brought mass transit, I taught them how to really “ride” and go from place to place.

And murderous slayings is all they can say?

What about the truth?

My friends, and my loved ones I had to repute.

I did it! Lord I did it! I gave them what you gave me, my time, my talent, my treasure and my blood, it was my heart’s desire to do and be good.

Consider these things, oh Lord, my soul is at stake, help me!

I don’t want to go back because my soul is safe with thee, I’m not hurting anymore.

And the Lord replied: “Son, I forgive you, this choice you’ve made

I shall grant thee: Nothing mortal shall be left.”

With that being said, Art gasped his last breath.