rochelle_oliver_web.jpgMIAMI — Current TV has announced that its newest Viewer Created Ad Message (VCAM) was developed by South Florida’s own Rochelle Oliver. The 55-second spot titled Mom Knows Best, which promotes the Hershey’s Air Delight candy bar, was taped in downtown Miami by the Miami resident and businesswoman.

Oliver says she developed Rochelle Oliver Publications and Productions in 2011 as a way to create entertaining content with journalistic integrity and to merge her story-telling skills onto one platform. While developing captivating television content, she also serves as co-vice president for the South Florida Black Journalists Association.

“As a small business owner, this VCAM gets me one step closer to my goal,” she said. “Plus, it enables me to shine a light on the rich talent that is right here in South Florida. Everyone who took part in the making of this VCAM is homegrown.”


Palm Beach County native and comedian Kevin Barnett wrote the script, said Oliver, who too was raised in Palm Beach County. The spot was shot and edited by Serge “John Shizzle” Dorsainvil, who along with the actresses and makeup artist Tiffany Oliver are Miami residents. Phoenix James plays the curious daughter who asks a series of random questions to her real-life mom and actress, Kalyn James. The mother is finally stumped when the daughter asks about the magical nature of the Hershey’s Air Delight.

“In making this VCAM, we took a page from the American story we all share,” she said. “It’s a sweet moment made even sweeter with chocolate.”

Her VCAM began airing nationally on Current TV on March 26. (Go to to locate a channel in your area.)

“I am extremely grateful to Current TV for this opportunity,” Oliver said of the network that was founded by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt in 2005. The cable network quickly became noted for its award-winning features, political commentary, news analysis and thought provoking programming. Now available via cable and satellite TV in 71 million households worldwide, Current has won major awards and accolades since its founding.


Current’s Viewer Created Ad Message program launch-ed six years ago to help independent filmmakers generate video content. VCAM assignments are exclusively distributed to select producers throughout the world. Current TV and advertisers select the treatments that best reflect the brand and intended audiences. The VCAM program is run by Nicole Smith and Barry Penland.

“Rochelle brought amazing energy and enthusiasm to the Hershey’s assignment and it shows in her finished work,” said Penland, who has been with Current since 2007, and recently joined the VCAM program. “The spot came out great — from concept and casting, to the final cut. I applaud her work and fully expect to be working with her and her group more going forward.”

Photo: Rochelle Oliver