ping-up-web.jpgBoston-based Pingup has announced the immediate availability of Pingup’s free service through and the Pingup iPhone app, enabling consumers to search for, discover and connect by text to businesses in South Florida from any computer or mobile device.

“It’s clear that, when given the choice, most people today prefer to text rather than call every time. Our goal was to give people that choice,” said Pingup CEO Mark Slater. “If you consider the young and tech driven environment here, South Florida is the perfect place to launch this kind of product.”

Many South Florida businesses  already are benefiting from deployment of Pingup. Miami celebrity photographer, Seth Browarnik, who has deployed Pingup for his Red Eye Productions office, says, “It’s just so great to have one app that lets me contact businesses and lets people reach my business by text without having to give out my mobile number.”

Pingup’s “Cloud-based” platform ensures that implementation for business owners is quick and easy. Pingup is free, accessible through any computer or tablet with Internet, and requires no software installation or complicated setup.

Almost all businesses are already searchable on Pingup. All a business has to do is sign up, find their business, and run through a quick “claiming” process. After a brief verification process, they (or any member of their staff) are immediately able to receive and reply to text-based customer inquiries, or “Pingups.”

Founded in 2011 as a complete solution for consumer-to-business text-based communication, the company promises a host of product additions and services in future releases, designed to make mobile commerce more suited to both the modern customer’s life and business’s needs. The Pingup Android App is in development.

For more information contact Dade Sokoloff, 305-216-7653 or dade@, or Nick Caretta,