lucius_gantt_web.jpgSo-called Negro leaders are at it again. This time, the beef is about who was appointed and who was not appointed to President Barack Obama’s second term cabinet.

Half of the self appointed so-called leaders are upset because most persons recently hired by Obama are white men. The others are mad because they feel that anyone that says anything, right or wrong, about the president’s decisions are traitors to their race.

The many “teachers and preachers” claiming to lead and represent us don’t have a clue about what the president of the United States is, what the president does and what he is supposed to do.

The main thing the president is supposed to do is create and/or maintain a domestic and worldwide environment where rich white folk can continue to make money.

The first day that Barack Obama says that he is a black man who loves black and African people and he will put black people’s needs and desires first, instead of the U.S. and world financial, industrial and military complex, he will be replaced as president.

He might even be hurt for making such a statement.

Negro leaders get it right. Obama doesn’t consult you when he makes Cabinet appointments but I imagine he does consult with white government advisors, white political advisors, white Wall Street bankers and white friends.

Don’t read this column and think it is a swipe at the president. Obama is what he is. When he is in the Oval Office, he is the president for everybody and not the “Black President.”

If you want to know who Obama will help the most while serving as president this second term, just figure out who contributed the most money — not votes — to his campaign. White individuals and white businesses contributed more to his re-election and those same people will benefit more from his presidential actions and decisions.

But while the Negro leaders are hating one another and crying about his recent appointments, they should be urging African Americans to do for themselves.

If you don’t know what is going on, let The Gantt Report explain.

What black people have right now in the United States is new neo-colonialism.

Neo-colonialism in the black community is the geopolitical practice of using capitalism, business globalization and cultural imperialism to control the black community in lieu of either direct, police, control or indirect, political, control.

The term “neo-colonialism” was coined by the Ghanaian politician Kwame Nkrumah to describe the socio-economic and political control that can be exercised economically, linguistically and culturally, whereby promotion of the culture, ideas, activities and behavior of the office of the president and the power-brokers of the United States facilitates the cultural, educational and social ideology and philosophy of the colonized black communities.

This opens the black community’s politics and economies to the beast bankers and multinational corporations of the neo-colonial political operatives.

I don’t care who sleeps in the White House. Beast bankers run America and the world.
President Obama is doing as good a job, or better, than previous presidents, but don’t even dream about the president being a 21st century “Django” who will punish evil people. Oppressed and exploited black people have to create their own jobs and stop begging for political appointments.

Black American communities are dominated by whites.

More often than not, they own the stores, they own the housing, they decide the practiced religions, they hold many of the political offices and they control the police that control black streets.

One day we will figure out that we need a nationalistic approach to solve economic, employment, political and other black community issues.
For the time being, stay out of the ridiculous fight going on between Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima.

You can support President Obama if you desire but support yourself more by fighting neo-colonialism in your city and your community.

Lucius Gantt, a political consultant based in Tallahassee, is author of the book Beast Too: Dead Man Writing. He may be reached at