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After a year of deliberation, the U.S. Postal Service still hasn't decided whether to close Liberty City’s only post office to save money.

Facing declining patronage and billion-dollar deficits, the Postal Service published a list last summer of about 3,600 post offices that could be closed.
The Edison post office at Northwest 62nd Street between Northwest Seventh and  Eighth avenues was one of two in Miami-Dade County that remained on the list after the Postal Service whittled it down to only a few hundred.

If Edison closes, locals without cars would have to travel by bus and foot to the Buena Vista or Little River post offices.

Liberty City residents and American Postal Worker Union members gathered last January to protest the potential closure of the community's only post office.

The protesters argued that decisions to close postal facilities should be based on the needs of the community, rather than how much money the post office generates.

USPS regulations say the decision to close a post office must consider its proximity to other stations, the amount of business it generates and the number of elderly, poor, non-English speakers or others with special needs who use it.

Getting to the Buena Vista post office on Northeast 39th Street will require some Edison customers to take a bus and a 20-minute walk. The Little River station, on Northeast 84th Street, requires two bus rides and a 10-minute walk.