att_web.jpg(AP)- In late August, AT&T is introducing Mobile Share plans that let subscribers connect up to ten devices to a pooled data plan. Phones that are connected get unlimited calling and texting, and a set amount of data allowance is shared among the devices.

The devices all share the same “bucket” of gigabytes. So how does the Mobile Share plan stack up against some current AT&T plans?


Current Nation single-line plan of one smartphone with 3 gigabytes of data, unlimited calling and texting: $120 per month.

Mobile Share with 4 gigabytes of data: $110 per month.

Winner: Mobile Share. It's cheaper, and you get more data. Not many people need unlimited calling, though.


Current Nation plan: $60 for that one-smartphone guy or gal includes 450 minutes of calling, pay-per-use text messaging and 300 gigabytes of data.

Mobile Share: $85 for one smartphone with unlimited calling, unlimited messages and 1 gigabyte of data.

Winner: Nation plan. It’s cheaper, but you get less.


Current FamilyTalk Nation plan: $210 per month for two smartphones with unlimited calling, texting and 6 gigabytes of data (shared under new plan, 3 gigabytes for each phone under old plan).

Mobile Share: $160 per month.

Winner: Mobile Share. It’s cheaper, plus it’s easier to use the data.


Two smartphones, paying as little as possible.

Current FamilyTalk Nation: $100 for two smartphones with 550 shared minutes of calling, pay-per-use text messages and 300 megabytes of data per phone.

Mobile Share: $130 for two smartphones with unlimited calling and texting, and 1 gigabyte of data, shared.

Winner: FamilyTalk. It's cheaper, but you also get less.


The Always-Connected Couple: Two smartphones with unlimited calling and texting, a tablet and a USB data stick.

Current plans: Total of $290 per month. That's $210 for the smartphones on FamilyTalk Nation, plus $30 for the tablet and $50 for the data stick. Total data allowance is 14 gigabytes.

Mobile Share: $210 per month, with 10 gigabytes of data.

Winner: Mobile Share. It's cheaper. You get less data in this example, but it's all in one pool, so it's easier to use it efficiently. For example, you could use 6 gigabytes watching Netflix on your tablet one month, if you want. On the current $30-per-month separate tablet plan, you're limited to 3 gigabytes per month.


Current Family SharePlan: $220 for two smartphones and two basic phones. That's for 2,100 shared minutes, unlimited texting and 3 gigabytes of data for each smartphone.

Mobile Share: $220. That's with unlimited calling, unlimited texting and 6 gigabytes of shared data.

Winner: Mobile Share. You get unlimited calling and data that's easier to use. The non-smartphones can use the data pool, too.

The base cost of a Mobile Share plan is for a monthly data allowance and one smartphone with unlimited calling and texting:

• 1 gigabyte $85 (each additional smartphone: $45)

• 4 gigabytes $110 (each additional smartphone: $40)

• 6 gigabytes $125 (each additional smartphone: $35)

• 10 gigabytes $150 (each additional smartphone: $30)

• 15 gigabytes $190 (each additional smartphone: $30)

• 20 gigabytes $230 (each additional smartphone: $30)

Subscribers can then add smartphones at the price above. They can also add:

• Basic, non-smartphones for $30 each

• Laptops or laptop modems for $20 each

• Tablets and gaming devices for $10 each