lucius_gantt_1.jpgAmerica’s black-owned newspapers, Web sites and broadcasters are a great source for news and information about black people and black communities in the United States. However, many African Americans run to Fox News, The New York Times or National Public Radio for information when something exciting, interesting or scandalous happens in our neighborhoods.

As a former employee of big-city networks, newspapers, television stations and radio outlets, I can assure you that NBC, CBS and ABC are not the best sources for black neighborhood news.

Yes, I love black newspapers but, to be honest, I have to say black-owned media are the second best source for black news. If you really want to know what’s going on in the ’hood, you have to tune in to NNN, the N-word News Network.

NNN comes on when the beauty shop opens, the barber shop opens, the bus stop is crowded, the church parking lot is filled and the club is packed.

CNN can’t hold a candle to NNN when you want to know details about what’s happening on campus, on the job or on the streets that run through Black neighborhoods.

NNN names names, gives descriptions, calls out accomplices and provides background references on all news reports about the black community.

NNN not only tells you what happens; NNN tells you why it happened. NNN will say, “It happened because his wife left him,” or, “It happened because he hired his friends,” or, “It happened because people just don’t like us.”

Entertainment news on NNN will report on who’s cheating on their spouse, who got drunk at the club, who snitched on the criminals and who left their child in a hot or cold car while they spent time with their “jump off” or “dime piece.”

Economic news on NNN: “You know times are bad in black communities when the dealers can’t sell drugs or the whores can’t turn tricks.”

The best news on NNN is always about the devil. No matter where you are or what you do, the devil is always around and always trying to get black people to do the devil’s will. The devil always wants us to hire them instead of hiring our own kind.

What disappoints me about news in the black community is how some so-called black leaders feel only the devil can help them when satellite trucks and news teams start coming out of the woodwork to pretend to cover community news stories.

I especially can’t understand how the presidents you voted for, the school presidents you gave your support to and the black business owners that you patronize are so quick to run to the devil’s public relations firms to put out media fires that are blazing in the black community. The devil doesn't respect you; he only wants your money.

There are many, many black colleges and universities that teach journalism, communication and public relations and none of your so-called leaders can hire a black media specialist?

Some schools in black communities have television stations, radio stations, school newspapers and school magazines and you say there is not one black person who can tell your story or plead your cause?

I say your leaders who think black media professionals are inferior to other media professionals are not only fools but they are traitors to their race.

If you can’t get coverage from NNN, you should run and get a subscription to your black community newspaper or focus your eyes and ears on black TV and radio stations.

Lucius Gantt is a consultant based in Tallahassee and author of the book  Beast Too: Dead Man Writing.
He may be reached at