Some helpful advice from the discount experts at Dollar General can set you on a path to greater savings:


For the items used most such as laundry detergent, health and beauty supplies, paper towels and more, switch to retailers’ private brands, which offer great quality at much more affordable prices.

Chances are, the quality is as good as its national brand competitor, and the savings to your wallet can be great.


While you can dramatically limit spending in areas like entertainment, certain expenses, such as groceries, are a must. Make sure your dollars are well spent.

Look for brands that carry a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. For example Clover Valley, available exclusively at Dollar General stores throughout the country, offers a complete refund if you aren’t fully satisfied with the product quality. 

That means you can try new things without worrying about whether your family will like them, and save even more on items such as coffee, cereal, potato chips, pasta and more.


Digital coupons are becoming increasingly popular with retailers. Sign up to receive coupons and special online offers via text message, or look in smartphone application stores for retailers’ apps.

You can also search for and print coupons online to use in stores.  For example, the Dollar General Coupon Center at can help save you more money, providing numerous coupons to use in addition to its everyday low prices.

For social media users, also look for exclusive deals available online through Facebook and Twitter pages.

With these easy tips, you can save money on groceries and home items without sacrificing quality on your daily and weekly needs.