presidential_seal.jpegHARRISONBURG, Va. (AP) _ A Virginia man has been charged with threatening to kill President Barack Obama.


A criminal complaint filed in federal court in Harrisonburg said Christopher Hecker of Waynesboro made death threats against the president and threatened to bomb the White House, hotels and other places, including Philadelphia City Hall and the site of the former World Trade Center. An affidavit said the threats were emailed to various media outlets.

Media outlets report an email sent April 19 to a Roanoke radio station threatened the president's life. The FBI traced the email to Hacker's account.

The affidavit said four days later, Hecker allegedly sent an email to another media outlet that threatened more violence.

“Sooner or later I will grab someone, maybe in the woods, on the trail, and beat the life out of them,'' the email said.

The writer also said Obama “is the one that is destroying patriotism in the U.S.A.''

On April 25 a Secret Service agent began exchanging emails with Hecker, who allegedly continued to send out more written threats.

After it was determined last week that Hecker had signed on to a computer at the Waynesboro Public Library, Secret Service agents arrested him on the side of a street.

Hecker refused to be sworn in during an appearance Friday in federal court in Charlottesville. He told a magistrate judge he didn't want an attorney, wanted to be sentenced immediately and is seeking the death penalty.

Hecker was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation from the Valley Community Services Board.