From the moment when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America, forces in the financial/economic establishment and in politics set themselves one single goal: making him a one-term president.

It could not be that they disagreed with his policies because he had not yet had time to introduce them. It could not be that he did not have a strong mandate to lead the nation. It is, simply, rejection of the notion that a black man would live in the White House.

That theme surfaced during the presidential campaign and has done so regularly since then, particularly during the activism of the so-called tea party’s demonstrations against the “Obamacare” healthcare reform law.

The ongoing insistence by the “birthers” that Mr. Obama was not born in the United States is not even a thinly veiled attack on his race; it is often blatant.

And then there is news that Texas Gov. Rick Perry for the longest while frequented a hunting lodge while it was named “Niggerhead” that his family rented. This would-be president has also stoutly defended flying the Confederate flag on government property.

Now comes singer Hank Williams Jr., feeling free to liken the president to Hitler.

Through character assassination and slanderous personal attacks and manipulation of the legislative process, such as refusing to take up his jobs act, Mr. Obama’s enemies are desperately trying to weaken his presidency and discredit his leadership so America’s first black president will fail.

Of course, not everyone who now opposes Mr. Obama’s policies do so because of his race but, yes, there are racists among us. The hoods may be back in the closet but the vitriol is still spewing from their lips and hatred of black folk still festers in their diseased minds.

Tens of millions of Americans look on the election of Mr. Obama as a high point of America’s journey towards racial maturity. They have been quiet as the racists hold open court and malign the man who will forever stand as a symbol of national achievement that transcends race. They must now bestir themselves, confront this vocal minority and put them in their place. The racists will not disappear but they must no longer be allowed to control the American agenda.