One of my favorite quotes is from Howard Thurman, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Just ponder that for a moment. Do what makes you come alive because the world needs people who come alive. Wow! Now that’s powerful when you fully understand it. I ask you this day “have you discovered what makes you come alive or are you still asking what the world needs so you can go out and do that?”

Many individuals find themselves trapped in a dead-end life or career because they are doing work that does not make them come alive. I don’t know if you noticed lately, but the world is rapidly changing and it is in need of your light. Not just any light but your authentic light, your unique light, that which makes you come alive.

In this time of global upheaval, every- thing in our lives must be an authentic expression of who we truly are. There is a global shift occurring where in-authenticity no longer stands a chance. Relationships, jobs, brands or anything that is not in alignment with the flow of the Universe (who we truly are) is becoming harder to hold on to.

It’s as though our inner and outer foundations are crumbling away in an effort to reconnect us with the authentic light within, so we can get back in the flow with the Universe. The falling apart will not let up until our inner and outer worlds are aligned.

As Jesus reminded us in Matthew 7: 24- 27, “build your house (consciousness) on the rock, the rock of knowing who you are and whose you are.”

With the planet in the state that it is, we cannot continue the way we have been. Mother Earth is calling forth a new awakening of consciousness in order for us to survive and thrive on this magnificent planet we call home.

What’s happening is a shift from aggression to compassion, from fact to truth, from fear to love, from separateness to oneness, from unquestioned dogma to revealed truth, from left brain to right, from war to peace, from force to flow, from unconsciousness to consciousness, and from unquestioned linear processes to lateral solutions. I could go on and on.

We each have a light within that makes us come alive and it’s waiting to guide us home. Our sole purpose is to express our soul’s purpose: shine our unique light in a way that only we can so that we are a beneficial presence in the world. In doing so, we spark something in another and inspire them to do the same. The world is in need of your light.

Rev. Charles M. Taylor is the senior pastor of the Universal Truth Center, a bible-based church for thinkers. UTC is located at 21301 NW 37th Ave., Miami Gardens. Contact Rev. Charles at 305-624-4991 or by visiting