samsung-galaxy-gear-6-colors-side-640x361.jpgNEW YORK – Sony’s new SmartWatch 2 doesn’t get as much attention – and doesn’t do as much – as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear computerized wristwatch. But for the things it does, Sony’s version performs better.

The SmartWatch 2 is also 33 percent cheaper, at about $200, and works with a variety of Android phones, not just Sony’s. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear sells for $300 and is compatible only with a handful of high-end Samsung phones.

That said, neither company has made a compelling case of why people need a smartwatch this holiday season. These wrist-bound gadgets are supposed to free you from constantly pulling out your phone to check for messages.

But I found myself checking the watch more often than I would pull out a phone. That proved more distracting – and less private – over dinner, for instance.

The SmartWatch 2 is worth considering primarily if you want to be among the first with the latest technology.