Staff Report

Miami Gardens – October is recognized as “Take Your Loved One to the Doctor” month in the City of Miami Gardens, where Live Healthy Miami Gardens (LHMG), and Mayor Rodney Harris have launched year four of the project.

“By the end of this year,” said Harris, “our hope for this citywide campaign is to improve the wellbeing of our residents by urging them to be proactive about their health.

“We’re encouraging them and their loved ones to act now to make healthier lifestyle choices instead of just reacting to negative health outcomes,” Harris said.”

“Choices like seeing your doctor regularly can lead to the early identification or treatment of preventable diseases, and ultimately save lives.”

The city will once again partner with Jessie Trice Community Health Systems (JTCHS), the Center for Child and Family Enrichment (CFCE), UHI Community Care Clinic (UHI), and Universal Medical Center (UMC) to host free “Take Your Loved Ones to the Doctor” events for residents.

Upcoming events include a Health & Empowerment Virtual Summit on Thursday, Oct. 14 via Zoom (register via; free screenings at various locations, Oct. 19, 22, 23, 30, for oral health, blood pressure, blood glucose, mental health, measure for Body Mass Index (BMI), flu and COVID-19 vaccines, (Moderna, Pfizer & J&J) and COVID-19 testing. Visit

Residents are encouraged to join their fellow community members in taking the pledge to not only go to the doctor, but to also take a loved one to the doctor.

Over the past three years, approximately 1,000 Miami Gardens residents have taken the pledge, of which 50% visited a doctor.

Past participants have uncovered underlying health issues such as diabetes and cancer. The important step toward becoming one’s own health advocate is one of several positive outcomes from participating in the campaign.

The all-encompassing marketing and outreach plan involves elected officials and recognized community leaders in delivering the message to Miami Gardens residents.

As a starting point, the team will conduct a health survey to determine how the community engages with health professionals and whether residents are fully utilizing the facilities and programs available to them.

Throughout the month, Miami

Gardens residents can look forward to the following:

• Feeling a sense of empowerment after program participation

• Attending screening events to determine health status

• Receiving health and nutritional tips for living a healthier lifestyle

• Getting updated science-based information on COVID-19 from qualified medical professionals

Community members can participate in the campaign in three ways:

1. Visit and take the pledge, or text the word “DOCTOR” to 797979.

2. Share on social media using #LHMGDoctor and challenge friends, family, and neighbors to take the pledge as well.

3. Schedule an appointment for you and your loved one to go to the doctor this month.

For more information on taking the pledge, visit