Fuzzy headed thinking. No amount of sleep seems to be enough. Food is a good thought but an afterthought. And the great diagnostician is wondering what is wrong. A little something called exhaustion, both physical and mental has befallen me. Not that I didn’t see it coming, just that I didn’t heed the warnings. I’m pretty good at that.

As if finding my way through the maze of a springtime episode of depression was not enough, I kept the pace of forward progress going despite my need to rest, like there is an on switch and no other settings of choice. Going pretty much nonstop for a year is a pretty good way to wear one’s self out. Open at 9 a.m., close at 5 p.m. See the patients and handle all that comes in between. I was getting it done, but could see it getting sloppy. Records not as sharp as I like them to be, having to check invoices two and three times to make sure they are correct, and just being short on patience so dealing with some of the clients became more of a chore than the usual pleasure.

On top of all of this having to endure questions from the delivery man, to my clients and friends, to Rev. Tisdale: “Have you lost weight?” As far as I could tell, no. I think I am so stressed and worn out I am just not presenting myself in that usual larger than life way that everyone expects. I realized I was doing all the things I should

do and very few of the things I want to do. I have opted to listen to common sense and reason, doing something to change my condition for the positive. As you are reading this on first publication Thursday, I will be several hours deep into a 4 day vacation.

I am looking for this vacation to be a true adventure in rest and relaxation. If an airline offers me $800 to give up my seat, I will try not to walk over anyone getting off the plane.

Alarm clocks are forbidden, and only complete, civilized dinners will be consumed. No burgers, fried chicken of any sort, and definitely no Mc anything for the next four days. Looking to relax, have fun and maybe even produce a bit of fodder for the next column. Stay tuned.

Dr. Pierre Bland is a small and exotic animal practitioner in Oakland Park, FL. He can be reached at 954-673-8579.