“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” ~ Johann Wolfgang


“The heart that loves is always young.”

– Greek Proverb


Last month we set aside a day to show those in our life how much we love them – Valentine’s Day. I choose to call it love day even though love seems to be a mystery to most. People who are awake to the healing power of love will not just stop at Feb. 14th to express love; but will make it an everyday practice.

Those in an intimate, committed relationship are touched by the healing power of love in a special way. In addition to your life partner – family, friendships or community can also give you an opportunity to develop patience, understanding and fulfill your deepest desires and purpose in life if you open your heart to love. Because they afford us space for growth, development and spiritual healing, human relationships are of great importance to your level of happiness, health and longevity.

In some cultures where people live well into their 100s, success is not determined by the size of their bank accounts or assets; they are considered highly successful if they have a large social network of friends, family and community to whom they are connected. Having people look after you, offer great affection and friendliness that is reciprocated makes it possible to be healthier and live longer, in part, because it significantly reduces stress levels.

Conversely, many people in material-focused societies like ours become so busy that they don’t take the time to cultivate and receive the love and blessings from healthy, inspiring and purposeful relationships. Some people fill their lives with so many activities that they don’t leave room for the important people that matter. Many prefer possessions to humans.

We could learn a thing or two from traditional cultures that incorporate their connections to each other into various aspects of their lives. For example, they are not awakened every morning by alarm clocks. Instead, they rise to the sound of singing. Instead of going shopping, they go visit their loved ones. They have very little physical belongings, as they belong to each other. This kind of appreciation for love does wonders for the body, mind and soul, satisfying the deep human need for validation.

This month (and the months to come) take time to connect deeper with your loved ones and love your way to good health with these loving actions:

1.Hugging is a great way to greet someone and also to say good bye. If you’re not already a hugger, consider including hugs in your daily life.

  1. Holding hands with your partner everywhere you go is a good habit to maintain because it’s a physical reminder of your emotional connection.
  2. Every time you greet someone – practice Agape love by looking them in the eye and silently saying “I love you.”

Think of other ways to love your way to good physical and emotional health and let me know on twitter @RevCharles7.

Rev. Charles M. Taylor is the senior pastor at the Universal Truth Center, a New Thought church for thinkers, located at 21310 NW 37th Ave., in Miami Gardens. Contact him at utruth.org or call 305-624-4991.