MIAMI-DADE – The small mail box-sized containers are not for the postal service. The tiny mailbox-sized lending libraries sprouting up in front of elementary schools all over the West End are part of the international “Little Free Library” movement.

The pint-sized “libraries” encourage young people to “check out” a book and leave one behind. Each box features colorful designs painted and decorated by local seniors and interns for the office of Miami-Dade County Commissioner Juan C. Zapata, who represents the West End.

“Little Free Libraries encourage literacy and create a fun way for students and parents to read and share their favorite books, and I’m so excited to have brought this worldwide movement to the West End,” Commissioner Zapata said.

The “Little Free Libraries” are located out- side Dr. Manuel Barreiro Elementary, Christina M. Eve Elementary, Christina M. Eve PLC Elementary, Claude Pepper Elementary and Gilbert Porter Elementary.