Pantene’s new ad campaign celebrates black hair as strong and beautiful.


Black PR Wire

CINCINNATI – Pantene has helped to define beautiful hair for 40 years through powerful images of strong, healthy hair. However, while diversity and inclusion continue to improve in society, there is still a level of inequality in how African American hair is represented in popular culture and in mainstream hair care advertising.

Mass brands, like Pantene, have inadvertently been a part of this pervasive hair bias with a history of advertising showcasing a limited representation of African American hair styles and textures and promoting long, shiny, smooth hair as the pinnacle of hair health and beauty.

Pantene has set out to change this perception and empower all women to embrace their strong and unique hair, because all strong hair is beautiful hair.

Recently, as part of the next chapter of its “Strong Is Beautiful” story, Pantene launched a new ad that celebrates the heritage, diversity and beauty of African American hair.

The ad campaign is a celebration of all strong, beautiful hair featuring Pantene brand ambassador Jillian Hervey – a singer/songwriter and performance artist who makes up half of the New York band, LION BABE – alongside African American women of all ages with a broad representation of hair textures and styles. The varieties of striking and varied styles shown are the artistic creation of Pantene celebrity stylist, Chuck Amos.

“We believe that all strong hair is beautiful, whether it’s straight, or curly, natural or in a protective style,” said Jodi Allen, Vice President of Hair Care for North America at Procter & Gamble. “Pantene has the power and voice to take action, spark conversations and motivate a change in perceptions. We recognize the importance for African American women to feel confident wearing their hair in any style they choose, and we’re celebrating their strength in doing so.”

“Learning to embrace my natural curls has been a hard process for me and I know that many other African American women relate,” said Hervey. “I’m thrilled Pantene is taking a step in the right direction to celebrate all strong, beautiful textures and styles.”

As a part of Pantene’s commitment to better serve the unique hair needs of African American women, the brand created a premium collection of products – Pantene Gold Series – which representatives say the strength hair needs to conquer any desired style.

With 15 years of research and development to understand the needs of textured hair, Pantene promises the collection of eight care and styling products will delight the most discerning hair care and styling consumers.

Pantene Gold Series is the Brand’s first hair care collection co-created with a team of African American PhD’s, scientists, stylists and dermatologists, specifically designed to deliver Pro-V Nutrient Blends to provide superior strength and moisture for women with relaxed, natural and transitioning hair.

“I love that Pantene is making a commitment to African American women. With the help of the innovative Gold Series Collection, women now have the best products to achieve their desired looks, while having the strongest, healthiest and most beautiful hair,” Amos said. Pantene Celebrity Stylist.