WEST PALM BEACH — Shoppers of the 45th street Winn Dixie supermarket who have been worried about where they will get their groceries after it closes may have other options coming.

West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio, during her weekly media briefing, revealed that another supermarket may replace the doomed grocer. The briefing can be seen on the city website wpb.org and on West Palm TV 18.

“I recently spoke with the owner of the plaza where the Winn Dixie is. They are actively recruiting another grocery store to go in there,” said Mayor Muoio. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t hear fairly quickly there will be another grocery store going in there.”

Mayor Muoio said the city is also pushing hard to have a supermarket part of the anticipated redevelopment of the Currie Park area.  Incentives are being offered to builders who can bring in a supermarket to serve the residents of that area.

But sometimes it can be difficult to convince a supermarket chain to move in.

During the recording of her weekly radio show, Mayor Muoio talked about how supermarkets decide whether it’s worth it to move into a neighborhood.

“It’s challenging the way grocery stores decide to come to a community. They look at the demographics. They look at how many people live there. They look at the income of the people who live there and they make a decision. That’s why it has been challenging to bring grocery stores to that area,” said Mayor Muoio.

But Mayor Muoio said there may be a Currie Park developer who can do it.

“We think one of the developers may be interested in doing something like that,” added Muoio.