In her work as a life coach, Simone Kelly re- lies heavily on her own intuition while teaching her clients to trust their own. To illustrate just how powerful the practice is, she recounted a story about helping to connect one of her charges to a new job.

“I had a client who had an Intuitive Life Coaching session with me. She was pretty down in the dumps about relocating back to Florida from up north, some relationship issues, and needing a job,” said Kelly, who informed her client that her relocation “was actually a blessing in disguise to remove her from negative energy.” She added, “Sometimes the people you are around can do more harm than good if they are not on a high vibration like you are.”

During the session, Kelly said she was prompted from within to seek out a former client who is a district manager of a popular retail store. Long story short, connecting the two clients resulted in an ideal match as the district manager was hiring store managers and Kelly’s client ended up employed shortly after her relocation.

Kelly’s relationship with her editor is another example of intuition guiding her to a great outcome. She said the two lost contact for a few years when the editor changed jobs. Their re-connection has resulted in Kelly snagging a book deal with William Morrow/Harper Collins publishing house for her self-published book, Like a Fly on the Wall.

She will teach about the power of intuition in her Discover Your Intuition (DYI) workshop on June 5 that will include using inner wisdom to nurture good relationships. “When you focus on which ones to keep and nourish vs the ones you need to release, a shift happens. When you go within and really listen to your intuition, you’ll make wiser choices,” she explained. “I was reared in a hyper-conservative religious household, where being “psychic” was a sign of demonic possession. Letting go of the fear and guilt of trusting myself was the hardest part of getting to know your inner, true intuitive self,” said Ruth Fajardo, who has taken levels one and two of Kelly’s DYI workshop. “Coach Simone’s intuitive workshops helped me to really realize that this great gift is nothing to be ashamed about.”

Tamara Archer said she was skeptical about her own intuitive abilities initially, but decided to attend Kelly’s workshop because it seemed fun. “The breathing and meditation techniques that I learned have been very valuable and I use them every day to help keep myself spiritually grounded. I enjoyed the class so much…and I am amazed with what I learned about myself and my abilities,” she said.

Khadijah Karriem is one of Kelly’s clients. “Simone Kelly is the bomb. Not only has she been my intuitive life coach for the last four years, but now she is my marketing guru. I hired her and her team to do my social media marketing and consulting for my acting class here in Dallas and within a week of hiring her, registrations for the class doubled,” Karriem shared about Kelly, who is also the founder and host of Own Your Power radio show and a certified business and life coach.


WHAT: Discover Your Intuition Workshop
WHEN: June 5, from 10 am to 4 pm
WHERE: Cultural Expressions, 401 S. 21 Ave., Hollywood
COST: $99 early-bird rate until May 31; $149 thereafter. Deadline to register is June 4.
CONTACT: For more information and to register, call 877-545-7352