FORT LAUDERDALE — Designed to convey social experiences, elicit discussion and promote action on critical current social issues of our time, ArtServe presents the second annual “art = antidote to hate” celebrating respect, equality and diversity through art.

This groundbreaking show runs through Friday, April 10, in the J.M. Family Gallery at ArtServ, 1350 E. Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale.

Curated by ArtServe program manager Allan Baldwin, the multi-media exhibition contains paintings, interactive installation works, sculptures, videos and other artworks that focus attention on social causes and alter perceptions as they raise awareness on the human
condition and shed light on the inequities in the world.

“This exhibition is very powerful,” said ArtServe President and CEO Jaye Abbate.  “While the quality of the art work is exceptional, it is also thought-provoking, creative and inspiring.  The take away from last year’s show was that there is still so much to be done.  Both the public and the artists felt such a strong
connection to the topic in our inaugural exhibition that we knew we wanted to make it an annual event.”

Among the issues addressed by the artists are gender bias, bullying,
political persecution, abuse and racial and religious discrimination.  Eliminating pre-conceived perceptions is another big theme of this year’s show.  Photographer Sean Black’s powerful
series addresses this issue by featuring works of both homeless individuals and transgender teens.  Ann Storck Center’s Empowered Creative Program features a sculptural statement piece on changing the perceptions of those with disabilities.  And Lori Pratico’s work on women with body art beautifully celebrates the need to look beyond to find the true essence and talents of every individual.

The gallery reception will feature several highlights including interactive installation art from artists Tabatha Mudra and Randy Burman. The Cuban dissident artist Nadal Antelmo will be on hand to show his new works.  Award-winning artist Frank Papandrea’s solo exhibit Unconscious Anxiety will showcase a collection of his meticulously crafted, wickedly intelligent pen and ink drawings. And Lori Pratico will be painting a wall mural live on site as part of her national “Girl Noticed” project. There will also be an Open Studio during the reception where ArtServe artists in residence Lee Berlin and George Gadson will welcome
the public into their working artist studios.

The public will have two chances to comment or purchase the art and select their favorite “Best in Show” works for this exhibition, both during the reception itself and in advance by casting their vote on the Online Gallery.  All artworks are available for purchase at

The free gallery reception is 6 to 8 p.m. today. ArtServe  is celebrating its 25th anniversary season. For more information contact (954) 462-8190 or, or visit