Staff Report

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Suits For Seniors recently suited 10 young men from Palm Beach Gardens High School. After eight weeks of intense education on financial literacy, leadership and hands on training about building a business, the high school seniors were awarded their brand new tailored suits.

The tagline for Suits for Seniors, the brainchild of Jervonte Edmonds of West Palm Beach, is ‘The suit is the uniform for success.’ Edmonds’ goal is to adequately prepare as many high school seniors as possible for college and/or a career.

The community development organization operates its program to service under-resourced youth. In addition to financial literacy, topics covered include college transition, career exploration and leadership.

Jevon Hubert, a student from Dwyer High School, understands the elation the young men at Palm Beach Gardens felt when they received their suits. He was also in Suits For Seniors’ program.

“I am truly grateful for my first suit (and) also for the knowledge I gained in financial literacy. I was able to teach my mom a few things,” Hubert said.

Edmonds said statements like Hubert’s, and his own personal experience, are what motivates him.

“I remember how I changed when I put that suit on,” said Edmonds, who is now a Florida Atlantic University alumni and a licensed real estate agent.

“I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to be. But once I was dressed, it was like, the world opened up to me and I seized it.”

Edmonds, thus far, has raised funds primarily through crowdfunding.

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