Jamie and Jilea Hemmings are launching a new health tech app, Best Tyme, to help physicians and pharmaceutical sales reps coordinate meetings.


Staff Report

MIAMI – Jamie and Jilea Hemmings are tech entrepreneurs who launched a disruptive new platform called Best Tyme (besttyme.com), an easy way for physicians and medical sales reps to coordinate meetings. The married couple created an app that allows clinicians to set preferences for when and how sales reps meet with them, and sales reps to structure their day by zip-code with an automatic calendar, meals and even routing function.

The app is available on iPad, Android, iOS and web. Free trial downloads are also available on the Apple and Google App stores. Once the trial is complete there is a monthly subscription for the representatives.

Jamie and Jilea are pharmaceutical representatives with 25 years of combined experience in the trenches who wanted to make their face-time with clinicians more meaningful and hassle-free. As Jamie says, “Best Tyme improves operational efficiency ten-fold.”

To date the couple has raised over $200,000 in VC (venture capital) to grow their team and launch a revolutionary product.

“We are thrilled to launch Best Tyme to the market,” said Jilea, Best Tyme’s CEO and Co-founder. “Our Feb 1 launch is going to revolutionize how doctors and medical sales representatives schedule appointments and at the same time show the potential of black innovators in the space.”

Designed for physicians, the BestTyme app is poised to help doctors take control of when and how they interact with medical sales reps and advance high-quality communication between the two disciplines.

The app allows office staff to refer all sales reps to a central source where physicians have set food preferences and available appointment times. The Hemmings’ data show this simple trick can reduce clinic administrative staff time by up to 10 hours per week.

Also designed for sales reps, they can enter the zip code they want to target and instantly generate a full schedule for the day. The app adds GPS routing and food order functions and allows reps to update physicians as needed.

BestTyme was founded by four experts with a combined forty years of experience in pharmaceutical sales and frontline medicine. The company’s mission is to use technology to enhance effective communication of critical advances between two rapidly-advancing disciplines with a high-impact on patient care.

Dr. Anisio and Alexandra are a physician/administrator team with 20 years of combined experience on front-line care who wanted to stay informed on pharmaceutical advances, without losing critical efficiency in task-switching from patient care to scheduling.

Alexandra said, “Best Tyme has saved our practice hours a week in scheduling rep visits. While we loved interacting and learning from the sales representatives before Best Tyme, the planning took far too long.”

The app is scheduled to launch on Feb 1.