WINDSOR, Va. – Two police officers have come under fire after a video emerged showing them manhandle a black army second lieutenant at gunpoint during a traffic stop.

The incident that took place in Windsor, Virginia, on Dec. 5, left the army officer, identified as Caron Nazario, confused and fearing for his life. He held his hands outside his car window as he tried to reason with the officers, who were clearly not willing to hear him out.

Reports revealed that the officers stopped him because his car didn’t have a permanent rear license plate.

When he told the officers that he was afraid to get out of his car, one officer replied, “Yeah, you should be!” The officers carefully moved closer to Nazario and continued to order him out of the car. Realizing that he wasn’t acting as fast as they wanted, they proceeded to pepper spray him before striking and handcuffing him.

In a lawsuit filed by the 27-year-old lieutenant, he says the police used slang term giving the impression that he’d be executed. The complaint further states that the officers warned Nazario not to talk about the incident lest he loses his military career.

“I’m serving this country, and this is how I’m treated?” Nazario says in a video from one of the body-cam videos.

Nazario, a Black-Latino, has filed a lawsuit against the two officers identified as Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker. In his lawsuit, he alleges use of excessive force, which he claims was a result of racial profiling. Nazario is asking the court to award him $1 million in damages and to rule that the two officers infringed on his constitutional rights spelt out in the Fourth Amendment.

“Short of people getting murdered, it’s the most egregious conduct I’ve seen on film by police,” Jonathan Arthur, Nazario’s lawyer, told The Washington Post.

Efforts to secure a comment from Windsor Police Chief Rodney Riddle or Mayor Glyn Willis went futile. A town manager informed the Virginia Pilot that

Gutierrez and Crooker were still serving with the de partment. Gutierrez has since been fired.