If Hillary Clinton becomes president, she will make history, not only as the first woman to hold that office, but also by most likely being the second President Clinton to be impeached.

A President Hillary would not only pick up where the Obama administration left off in terms of the corruption of government agencies, she and her cohorts in “Clinton Inc.” would probably be the most corrupt in American history.

If you think Obama’s corruption of once respected federal agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service, FBI, and Department of Justice was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Clinton would pack the Supreme Court with people who will make decisions based on political impact and left wing ideology rather than the Constitution — abortions anytime, anywhere, for any reason including gender or racial selection; no right to private ownership of hand guns; banning the pledge of allegiance to the flag and public religious displays; striking the words “In God We Trust” from currency; and, limiting or killing charter schools and vouchers for low income students to name just a few.

Hillary and her friends will turn the United States into a 21st century banana republic. Banana republics have been characterized by some as systems having an unaccountable chief executive who ignores the rule of law when it suits his/her purposes; ignores accountability, commits self-serving acts in secret to enrich themselves and their friends and cronies; tolerates widespread corruption, and generally embraces a totalitarian attitude in which the leader can break laws whenever he/she feels it’s justified to protect the “people” — sound familiar?

And what will happen in the black communities where she, with hot sauce in her purse, panders for votes in churches and soul food restaurants?

Who will protect those communities when a Clinton anti-cop “pigs in a blanket” atmosphere leads to:

• Increased assassinations of police

• Attempts to nationalize major city police forces by DOJ regulation and mandate creating a backlash where police simply do not police those communities

•Increased shootings and deaths by urban gangs emboldened by Clinton’s failure to criticize the killing fields in places like Chicago and knowing that black on black killings are not a priority of the Black Lives Matter Movement — or a Clinton White

House or DOJ And what group has and will be her main allies in finishing the fundamental transformation of America which Obama has begun; protecting her from criticism; and shielding her from and burying negative stories on any corruption as it has attempted do during this campaign — the American mainstream media.

Given the unabashed and unapologetic collusion of much of the major media with the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the White House, as revealed in the WikiLeaks emails, we are no longer a country where the press even pretends to be objective and non-political — it is a rigged system not unlike those in many Third World countries! One thing is clear. The mainline television networks, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post, to name a few, are as to Hillary Clinton as the press in Russia, Cuba, North Korea and many third world countries are to governments in those countries — in their hip pockets.

The major media is nothing more than an adjunct communications department for the Clinton campaign! Paul Jefferson was right in a recent article in the American Thinker when he said: “. . . serving their own shortsighted self-interest, the mainstream news media have abandoned the neutrality and integrity that is crucial for their role in society. In doing so, they themselves have upended a key pillar of our democracy . . . this is a betrayal of the American public.”

Trump said he will “drain the swamp” of corruption if elected. The question is, who and how will the media swamp of corruption and bias be drained, cleansed, and restored to the role intended by the nation’s founders?

Clarence V. McKee,