Well, after most black voters choose Hillary R. Clinton on or before Election Day to be our next POTUS, what will black Americans do starting the day after if Hillary does win? What if long shot Donald Trump should win? In either instance I am almost certain that black America, led by ersatz leaders, will begin to execute no concrete plan. Why? Simply because there is no plan! Noise, a lot of noise is what will quickly emerge.

Backed by no constituency, that is, just totally on their own, black leaders of varying stripes will hit the media circuit giving their concocted version of this, that and the other based on questions provided by white nationalists (of the left and the right). There are more than ten thousand black elected officials throughout the United States at the municipal, county, state and federal levels, including the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).

Except for a handful of Republicans, all other black elected officials, nationwide, are Democrats. Did you know that all of these people are afraid of being seen as a black conspiracy against white America? That is the main fear of black elected officials not wanting to get together in large numbers like regionally and nationally. All black elected officials get their campaign funds from “downtown” white nationalist interests.

Similarly, civil rights leaders depend on annual conventions to raise funds for their organizations’ operating budgets going forth and that means sucking-up to top corporations and plutocrats. As a result, civil rights agendas are always in sync with the status quo, that is, so-called “American values.” That is why there are always protests – marches and rallies then photo ops with local white and black authorities. And, that is also why nothing actually changes.

So the black church — the granddaddy of all things black American — is central to maintaining the status quo for white nationalism. The historical role of the black church has been and, for the most part, still is, to basically keep order. Be grateful for what little you have. A better day is coming. When you leave this world you go to a better place, Paradise. Glory!

Prominent preachers get that money you see through collections in the church and that money you don’t see that comes in the mail, some resulting from solicitation and other monies through outright gifts from important white people, institutions and other white economic and quasi-political sources. While in the 1960s it was possible to get some preachers on board for voting rights, there was absolutely no movement from that sector on economic parity.

Therefore, with our history and current panoply of black leaders, what do we, as a people, do after the November 8th elections? Do we sit back and let ourselves get hustled again by various so-called spokespersons by way of television and radio news and talk shows, magazine and newspaper articles? Remember, to date, there has been no known input, through outreach and inreach, of the African American populace. The politics of access has not yet been implemented.

“All politics is local.” What that means is your School Board, City and County Commission, Sheriff, State Legislature, Congress and even the White House will hear you and move on your concerns if you are organized. Take one predominately black political district – municipal or county – and organize every political precinct through block groups, Home Owners’ Associations, churches and other organizations. Leave no one out. The goal is to develop coalitions and mobilize.

Engage everyone irrespective of political and religious affiliation, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age (youth inclusion is essential) and any and all other potential divisiveness. This is not about liking or disliking someone or something. Organizing is about a commonality of interests, not personalities!

In the final analysis what is ahead politically and economically for the poor and near poor (the so-called black middle class) will not be much different under a Clinton or Trump Presidency. Why? Because the American and global plutocracy will try to get richer by maintaining as much of the status quo that they can get away with. If you don’t get together (organize), well . . .