Friday NBC leaked a video of Donald Trump cursing and demeaning women, talking about what he wanted to and could do to them and the country went wild. At the same time WikiLeaks dumped over 2,000 emails having very negative information about Hillary Clinton – and the mainstream media virtually ignored it, which is par for the course.

This brings me to the hypocrisy of the Democrats over Donald Trump’s “potty mouth.” Since the media leaked the video of Trump talking about groping women in their private places, that’s all anyone is talking about.

Some newscasters are saying Trump’s campaign is over, that the video was a death knell. Even some Republicans have urged Trump to step down and let them run VP Mike Pence on the top of the ticket as POTUS. Other Republicans have withdrawn their support of Donald Trump. Even black radio is condemning Trump for comments he made about women over 11 years ago. They are more upset about Trump’s language than about the murder of 578,681 unborn babies by Planned Parenthood in 2015.

The hypocrisy of these people is so palpable, it makes me want to throw up. And let me tell you why.

Over 35 years ago, I joined a wonderful black woman, Mrs. C. Delores Tucker, in her efforts to rid this country, and especially our community, of the filth and anger and nastiness of the lyrics in the gangsta rap industry. They called (and still do) women bitches and hoes and talked about all sorts of nasty things that they wanted to do to them. And they bragged about their adoration of violence and killing cops and anybody who got in their way.

We begged and pleaded to no avail. C. Delores started with Hillary Clinton at a luncheon at the White House when Bill Clinton was POTUS. She then went to the black clergy. Jesse Jackson not only ignored her pleas for help, but chose to instead take the side of the rappers since they were making lots of money.

When local rapper Luther Campbell (Uncle Luke) got arrested in Broward County for lewd and lascivious behavior, Jesse made him a victim and a martyr for civil rights. Luke was performing at a night club and invited a woman from the audience to join him on the stage and perform oral sex on him while everyone rocked to his filthy lyrics. But Jesse and other civil rights advocates accused Broward County Sheriff Navarro of racism.

Jesse was running for president then (1986) and had Luke throw him a fundraising party after he got out of jail. Months later, U.S. Congresswoman Carrie P. Meek got Luke to sponsor a mission to Haiti after one of its many disasters and flew him out on a plane belonging to a local Cuban billionaire. “Uncle Luke” also was co-host to radio programs on WMBM with Bishop Victor Curry.

Further, years later a local newspaper publisher gave Luke space in his paper and convinced him to run for Mayor of Miami-Dade County as a joke and to pull the black vote away from another candidate. Over 36,000 people voted for this man whose focus was to be “as nasty as he wanted to be.

Even when C. Delores got someone to sponsor a bill in Congress to declare the rapper’s lyrics obscene, they voted it down. The Congressional Black Caucus and Democrats thought it was racist to censure the rap music industry and a violation of their First Amendment Rights. Since nobody did anything, these rappers have become superstars and millionaires and four generations of black children have grown up learning these obscene lyrics (instead of learning how to successfully compete in the marketplace).

So now all these same people are “shocked” at Trump’s offensive language. They’re throwing him under the bus. Where were they when we needed them? The problem is that when we complained about the language being offensive to us as black women – wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters – nobody cared because they were only offending black women.

Now they are upset because Donald Trump offended white women. At the debate Sunday night, Hillary talked about Trump’s demeanor showing him to be a woman hater. President Obama weighed in, saying nobody wants Donald Trump to be President because of his offensive language. But this same president had one of the most offensive rappers, Jay Z, as a guest in the White House so many times it seems he has become Obama’s best friend.