I shudder to think that the thought process, language, and behavior that Donald Trump was caught on tape displaying, is quite common. I am less bothered by Donald Trumps’ words and deeds committed against women – I had long ago accepted that he was less than a noble man.

Personally, what I do condemn and find unacceptable is the hypocrisy of mostly white men, who are turning tail.

I raised two sons, and they have shared many things with me that they and their friends contemplated while maturing: about sexuality; opinions of women; locker room talk, etc. It has been revealing.

They are adults now, but in my interaction with them, and their children, I have constantly tried to aim for a state of elevated dialogue; an exchange of ideas that further their development as human beings.

Putting aside the fact that we are evolving creatures who are, at times, boorish and actually perform below the level of animals, I know that we all have the capacity to analyze and make choices based on our higher selves.

I have always thought that black folks have made greater strides than others. We had no choice in order to survive in this hostile environment; we have evolved, and our best, brightest, strongest, and most strategic genetic material has been preserved and passed on to the current surviving generation.

And what does that have to do with this election?


Once again, we have an opportunity in this upcoming election to demonstrate that we have evolved beyond our base nature. It is painful to hear black folk say they have a smaller bone in this fight- that neither Hillary Clinton, nor Donald Trump really care about us. The residual of Bill Clinton’s criminal justice and welfare reforms over shadow her message; and Donald Trump is a documented racist.

It hurts me to hear how folk are actually talking themselves into not voting! Wrong! We have already proven that we can swing the vote. Does anyone remember 2008 and 2012?

The black vote will also carry this election; we must shoulder the burden and responsibility as we did in the previous two.

This is the time to take up the hammer of our clout and nail it home that, yes, black lives matter; and we are the essential matter of this election outcome.

One final word: After Donald Trump bragged about his prowess for grabbing women’s pussies, the Republican’s response was damned if you do, but only if caught, since Donald alluded to a group too close to the image of their own daughters, wives, mothers, and sisters- their women.

It exposed the ultimate hypocrisy of white men.

My favorite reaction to the hypocrisy was Luther Campbell’s demand for the money back that he spent on defending his right to use foul language on his recordings.

But was Donald Trump obscene? Maybe.

Free speech is protected in America; we must not be so quick to deny him his right to say despicable things.

But you know what’s obscene? Systemic and institutional racism in America is obscene.

Poverty and hunger in America is obscene.

Sexism in America is obscene.

Mass incarceration in America is obscene. Aggressive policing of African American communities is obscene.

Xenophobia in America is obscene. Ageism in America is obscene.

Donald Trump is a walking obscenity. He has made his own slogan, Make America Great Again, sleazy and suspect. When he utters it, we know he is not interested in correcting any of the above listed grievances, nor is he interested in offering correctives in support of protected groups; he is in fact Anti-American.

The chickens have come home to roost: Donald Trump’s offensive words and the words of all his supporters are rebounding on him/them.

Uncle Luke is due a full refund.