CAMPAIGN 2024: President Joe Biden, left and right with First Lady Jill Biden, and avid supporters of his reelection vigorously campaign despite growing efforts to replace him. PHOTOS COURTESY OF JOE BUIDEN FACEBOOK

“Despite a growing number of Democratic donors and elected officials going public with their concerns about his candidacy, Biden was resolute that he would not be forced to exit the race,” says David Knowles, senior editor of Yahoo news.

President Biden is not going anywhere, because he has worked his entire life to become president of the United States. At 81, Biden believes he is in good shape, and confident he can beat Trump.

On the night of the recent presidential debate Biden was sick, and his clarity was lacking. Even though Biden got stronger as the debate went on, many Democrats and the media are asking him to step down.

Everyone is entitled to a bad day. There are days where everything goes wrong. When this happens it is important to not let a bad day or a challenging period, mess up the good things happening in your life.

For three and a half years Biden has been extremely successful as the president of the United States. Biden has created 14.8 million jobs in three years and a robust labor market. Millions of Americans have signed up for health care, which makes the Affordable Care Act a bigger success than former President Barack Obama had ever expected.

Salaries are increasing and outpacing inflation, and unemployment is at an all time low at 4%. Inequality is narrowing and there are more people in the country getting opportunities to secure good jobs, and it does not matter your race or culture.

Biden had promised that when he got in the White House with Vice President Kamala, they would reduce loan debt. Biden has implemented a student loan forgiveness program that has impacted more than 30 million Americans to the amount of $146 billion. This has allowed millions of Americans to be in a position to purchase a home, or a new car.

Seniors under Biden are able to save money, because the cost of insulin will max out at $35. Now seniors will be in a position to buy food and medicine and avoid financial problems. Violent crimes have fallen, and the nation’s murder rate is at an all time low.

Every day the Biden and Harris team is fighting to keep democracy a reality in America. From their first day in office, they have taken steps to restore and strengthen America’s democracy.

Biden has been fighting to get passed the Freedom to Vote Act, and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, and give more Americans the opportunity to vote.

It is very easy to take the easy way out, and claim that at 81, Biden is too old to be president of the United States, because it has never been done before. But America is thriving under the Biden administration with Harris, a Black multi-racial women as the vicepresident. There is no precedent for the Biden / Harris administration, and it is a success in America, and around the world.

Instead of looking at what the president has done wrong, it is time to look at what he is doing right. Once the media and the Democrats have made a list of what the Biden / Harris administration has accomplished, it is time to get behind them and push forward.

Black women and Black men are not going anywhere and they are 93% behind Biden and Harris. Black women are the number one political constituent group in the Democratic Party, with Black men being a close second.

Black America will help President Biden win the election in 2024, and everyone who is a Democrat should close their ears to Biden stepping down.