WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -Jervonte Edmonds has gone to a place inside the mind of host Steve Harvey where few others have gone! Recently in a one-on-one conversation with Harvey, the talk show host shared his hopes and dreams with Edmonds, who is the founder and CEO of “Suits for Seniors,” a West Palm Beach nonprofit mentoring program

For the second year in a row, Edmonds has been invited to be one of the keynote speakers at Harvey’s Mentoring Camp for Young Men in Atlanta. “Even though I was invited last year, I was still shocked when I got the call this year. I was surprised because they have a lot of high-profile people and celebrities involved with this,” said Edmonds, who started his organization in 2015. “I felt honored to make a difference in the lives of so many young men.” Harvey first learned of Edmonds from seeing him on the internet. Edmond’s non-profit is an eight-week mentoring program which teaches young people life skills, money management, goal setting, college readiness and more to prepare them to succeed in the real world. After the students complete the program, they are awarded a custom made a suit. To date, Suits for Seniors has awarded over 700 suits to youth from Jacksonville to Miami.

When Harvey learned of Edmonds and his program, he told one of his team members to reach out to Edmonds, who found that incredible and unbelievable too.

But after Harvey’s executive director of his foundation authenticated herself, Edmonds finally realized it was indeed true: Harvey was inviting Edmonds to come partake in his prestigious camp for fatherless (and some motherless too) young boys.

Edmonds says both last year and this year it represents an opportunity of a lifetime for him. “I never imagined someone like Steve Harvey would take notice of what I’m doing.”

Clearly Harvey appreciates Edmonds’ program and all that he imparts into young men. This year Edmonds shared words of wisdom with 250 young men from ages 1317 and their mothers at the camp. He spoke to them about confidence and believing in themselves; character, and consistency and never giving up. The camp was held last month at the sprawling Rock Ranch outside Atlanta.

Edmonds awarded custom made suits to five of the participants and said Harvey inspires others to give back. Edmonds says the five suits he gave was just the tip of the iceberg. Next year he’d like to give upwards of 25 to the young boys.

“I believe Steve inspires a generation to have an impact and to give back. He has certainly had an impact on my life,” said Edmonds. This year Harvey impacted him profoundly by sharing his personal dreams with him. He said Harvey showed him his personal vision board which contains earning $3 billion and having a television impact in many other countries. Harvey also showed Edmonds how to construct his own personal vision board.

The Suits for Seniors founder says he is in the process of expanding the organization and welcomes any additional help and support so he can continue making a difference. Anyone who would like to support his efforts through donations or otherwise should visit the website at: They are a not for profit 501c3 organization and your contribution is tax deductible.

“We’re pushing strong mentorship and internship programs to make sure our students are sustaining after graduating from school,” he added.