alcalloway.jpgSome of us know its historical antecedent as the serpent of human indignity that wrapped its coils around the very souls of Alkebu-lan (Africa’s ancient name).

Others know it as what the Willie Lynch syndrome produced by separating blacks from kith and kin on slave plantations throughout the Americas.

And there are those who blame twentieth-century, liberal welfare policies for destroying already tenuous black families, as they struggled for basic survival in an atmosphere of hatred and near destruction.     

From slavery to this very day, the black family has been under relentless attack. The politics of containment, with octopus-like tentacles, chokes black people’s progress wherever they exist within the social strata of western civilization – which, of course, includes “former” colonies.

The loss of family, in terms of cause and effect, plays a definitive role in the proliferation of black-on-black and other street crimes, political and economic malfeasance, wars and genocide, starvation and homelessness, rapes and diseases, mass ignorance and poverty, in varying forms, throughout Africana.

We lost family, and lost our way!

Sickle-Cell Anemia tells a lot about family – if only western science will tell the truth about its formation and continuance among people of African descent. That truth is that people who are unknowingly related married and produced children. Some of these children were born with the blood disease, and they in turn married and had children. Somewhere down the line, if not in each filial generation, the disease will reappear.

During the full extent of the Trans-Atlantic African Slave Trade, Africans were purposely sold father from mother, sister from brother and other family members from one another.  Therefore, there are people who live in Haiti, Barbados, Jamaica, Cuba and Brazil, for example, who are blood relatives of each other and of blacks in North America, Africa and Europe as well.

Before the politics of containment gets to shut it down, black schools of medicine, in collaboration with social science departments, should fast-break and dunk the truth about Sickle-Cell Anemia on the world! (That will be a salient component of our reparations package.)

Willing a heroic struggle to survive and re-invent family after slavery and the reneging of Reconstruction, amid the introduction of black codes and a form of re-enslavement called sharecropping, black people sought the refuge of religion and the promise of education for salvation. 

But on the highway to progress and prosperity, black people were tricked onto a side road by seemingly friendly leftist and liberal politics and policies. Abandonment of blacks by the Republican Party paved the way. Previously, Democrats were pro-slavery and anti-black, and Republicans were anti-slavery and pro-black in terms of prosperity.

It was America’s 32nd president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat who served from 1933 until his 1945 death in office, whose New Deal policies and programs are credited with bringing the country out of the Great Depression that began in 1929. Blacks were included in many public works projects and cultural programs under Roosevelt, and began to filter into the Democratic and Socialist political parties.

Yet black containment instituted by liberal and socialist policies and programs, including eugenics and Planned Parenthood – designed to control black development and births – became more and more popular as, somehow, black leaders fell for white nationalist propaganda from the left.

Over time, the politics of containment, as instituted by the Democratic left, has become a major thrust of white America’s political and economic policies regarding any and all contacts with people of African descent.

Liberal-designed welfare programs, signed-off on by unsophisticated black leadership, have devastated the black family. Poor and near-poor families have either been broken up or not able to become established by rules that disallow fathers from living in public housing. Thus, the proliferation of female heads of households and human debilitation followed. It is eugenics, finely honed and devastating.   

Without family, we cannot find our way.