perry-thurston_web.jpgIt is very disappointing to see Democrats turning their back on their party, believing that the only way to win the Senate seat in November is by supporting a Republican or an Independent, especially when the Democratic Party has a formidable rising star in the race who has championed Democratic ideals and values. 

Kendrick Meek has been a strong Democrat his entire career, whether in the State Legislature or in Congress. Democrats could always rely on Kendrick Meek to do what is right. He has assembled an excellent team and resources to become our next Senator. 

The people of Florida need strong representation in Washington. A Democratic Senator, like Kendrick Meek, would work hand-in-hand with not only fellow Senator Bill Nelson, but also the Obama Administration and help bring much needed relief to the state of Florida.

We know exactly how as a senator Kendrick Meek would vote on issues, such as a woman’s right to choose, social security, education, healthcare, and other major issues.  Kendrick Meek is a proven Democratic winner.

When he became an independent, Charlie Crist gifted the U.S. Senate seat to Kendrick Meek and the Democratic Party. By forcing Republican candidate, Marco Rubio into a three-way race, the 42 percent of the Florida electorate that are Democrats would clinch victory for Kendrick Meek. However, some Democrats believe that Kendrick cannot win, when the numbers clearly show that he can and will win in November.

Supporting Charlie Crist in November is not the answer when it comes to defeating Marco Rubio. All it does is help Rubio win. By dividing the Democratic vote we, as a party, are assured of defeat. However, by uniting behind the only real Democrat in the race, Kendrick Meek, we will win in November.

It is very easy for people to say that someone can’t win and therefore we won’t support that candidate, but they will never win if we don’t support our own. I’m reminded of a young man from Chicago who plenty of people felt couldn’t win. Kendrick Meek can win. Kendrick Meek will win.  What Kendrick Meek needs is the support of all Democrats in the State.

State Rep. Perry E. Thurston Jr. is a Democrat who represents Florida House of Representatives District 93.