So reality TV star and former White House staff Omarosa talked trash about Vice President Mike Pence and his faith at her new job on “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Omarosa called Pence “scary” and “extreme” because, as she said, “he thinks Jesus tells him to say things” and if he became President, people “would be begging for days of Trump back.”

Critics of Omarosa have called her “Drama Queen” and much harsher names while warning people not to be taken in by her – known to deliberately cause confusion.

But the ladies of “The View” took what Omarosa said to the next level. Joy Behar mocked Pence and implied that for him to say Jesus talked to him was the equivalent of “hearing voices” and that was “mental illness.”

Now these same people would scream if someone made fun of Islam like they made fun of Christianity. But hearing Joy Behar should have made all Christians mad.

She insinuated that every Black pastor, who talks about how the Lord “speaks” to them, suffered from mental illness.

If Black pastors would do like most Liberals have done when someone on radio or TV defiled them like these women did to Christianity, they would demand these women be fired from their high profile jobs.

But so far, I’ve heard no pushback. Maybe it’s because of this Liberal code of silence.

They never punish each other for their own indiscretions but think they have the right to say or do anything they want, all the while demanding punishment for Conservatives for saying or doing the exact same thing.

My question is: “When are Christians, especially Black preachers, going to say ‘Enough is enough!’ and begin to fight back?”

Liberals have redefined marriage, redefine sin, changed what it means to be male or female, eliminated designated bathrooms so men who say they want to be women or so-called “transgender” people can use the women’s bathrooms, etc.

And there has been no outcry from the Christian community. But these same Christians are supporting Liberals as they defend Islam, which teach Christians are infidels who should be put to death.

You don’t dare say anything bad about Islam or Liberals will label you a racist or Islamaphobe. You don’t dare talk bad about gays or lesbians or they will label you a homophobe. Men who speak derogatorily about women are labeled sexist.

Liberals have negative labels for everybody they don’t like, but what about Christians?

Liberals want to remove all vestiges of Christianity off every piece of government property – Ten Commandments, Nativity Scene, crosses, etc. They took “under God”

from the Pledge of Allegiance, “So help me God” from oaths. They want to remove “In God We Trust” from all our currency, etc., etc., etc.

They started by removing prayer from schools, which has allowed students to commit heinous crimes. Students who pray don’t kill.

Not a word from the Christian community. Now TV personalities are mocking the Vice President for his faith – not just because he’s a Republican, but because he’s a Christian.

Obama mocked Republican Christians when he talked about these people holding on to their guns and Bibles, as if they were stupid racists.

Democrats are always mocking “Evangelicals” but our Black pastor of our Black Missionary Baptist Church talks about us being disciples and evangelizing to the unsaved.

Yet none of our Black church members are ever offended, because they assume their fellow Democrats are only talking about white Republicans, who of course have to be racists. Why? Because white Democrats tell us they are. And of course, Black Folks always believe everything white Democrats tell them.

I can’t understand it, given all the evidence to the contrary. That’s why I became a Republican.

So I ask all my Black Folks – “WHERE MY CHRISTIANS AT?

How long are you going to turn a blind eye and ear to these people who do nothing for you in exchange for your undying devotion and 95 percent of your vote?”

When they mocked VP Pence for his Christian belief, they were also mocking you. Wake up and smell the coffee! When are you going to defend your faith?