The chaos and confusion in Trump’s administration is a direct result of his staff’s turnover, and revolving door. There are many different reasons why Trump’s staff turnover rate is more than 35 percent and it begins with a poor vetting system and bad hiring practices.

Our president is a bully, and anyone who works for him in a high-level position should hire an attorney because they could be indicted and sent to federal prison. Usually white collar criminals don’t spend large amounts of time behind bars, but the experience and sentencing can be devastating to their career and income.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the White House, under President Trump, has seen an unprecedented 34 percent turnover rate in its first year. According to the Journal, 21 of the 61 senior officials they tracked have been fired, resigned, or reassigned, and it is the highest turnover rate in 40 years.

Many pundits believe that Trump enjoys confusion and chaos, and it is reflected in many different ways. The tweet storm is unprecedented as a communicative device for a president, and it will go down in history as Trump’s secret weapon. Some staff members think this is an effective way to communicate with the American people and media, and others have left their jobs in the White House as a result of his form of communicating.

“Even for staffers he has not fired or forced to resign, Trump’s public bullying seems over the line. How does calling Attorney General Jeff Sessions beleaguered help Sessions work harder or better? How does undercutting Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s attempt at diplomacy in North Korea make the country’s senior diplomat more effective spokesman to the world,” says Chris Cillizzo of CNN Politics.

When Trump decided to run for president, he started out making more enemies as opposed to making friends in his own party. With Steve Bannon as the president’s partner, they decided to blow up Washington and drain the swamp.

Our president hired individuals who were inexperienced and never worked in the political arena, which led to poor performance, and many first-year departures.

“Six of the 12 Tier One positions saw turnover: (Reince Priebus, chief of staff; Katie Walsh, deputy chief of staff; Sean Spicer, press secretary; George Sifakis, assistant to the president and director of the Office of Public Liaison; Michael Flynn, national security adviser, and KT McFarland, deputy national security advisor). By comparison, Obama lost one advisor from Tier One (Greg Craig, White House counsel), and George W. Bush did not see any turnover in these high-level positions,” says Chris Cillizzo.

As Robert Mueller’s investigation inches closer to the president, many qualified candidates will not accept a job in Trump’s administration. With Trump’s historically low poll numbers, consistent lies, and his inability to stay on message, the chaos and the turmoil is just getting started.

Instead of Trump asking for help from serious political and policy thinkers, there is no continuity and many high-level staffers are anticipating being blamed for problems, or even fired. The confusion is rampart, and the turnover is continuing.

In Trump’s administration, there are vacancies on top of vacancies, and the president is being inundated with a job that has too many arms and legs for him to handle. With the high level of staff turnover, it is becoming more difficult for the president to continue making inaccurate and/or false statements, and then blaming others for the turmoil in his administration.

Our president never expected to be president, and there is far too much corruption and confusion to hide.