Sattler College is located in Boston, MA.


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BOSTON – Sattler College, a Christian university founded in 2016, has opened enrollment for its inaugural class, which will begin studies in Fall 2018.

Sattler College is on a mission to dramatically transform the Christian higher education system by providing students with rigorous academics and Christian discipleship at a fraction of the cost of most colleges.

Located in the heart of Boston, the private Christian college has faculty that were previously trained at some of the most prestigious universities across the nation including Harvard and Stanford.

“During my time as an advisor and instructor at Harvard, I saw many students leave unprepared for life beyond academics and others lose their faith,” said Dr. Finny Kuruvilla, founder of Sattler College. “Realizing this occurs at universities across the nation, I felt led to start Sattler College as an alternative education option for Christian families.”

In addition to his work with Harvard, Kuruvilla received his M.D. from Harvard Medical School and Ph.D. in Chemistry and Chemical Biology from the university.

He also holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. Furthermore, Kuruvilla is the cofounder, managing partner and a portfolio manager at Eventide Asset Management, LLC.

Together with the Sattler College board, Kuruvilla modeled the four-year Christian college after classical Christian education principles. In its introductory year, the college is offering bachelor’s degrees in biblical studies, human biology, business, history and computer science.

In addition to course studies specific to their major, students will be required to take Bible courses including Old and New Testament, apologetics, biblical Greek and Hebrew, as well as church history.

“We want our students to be well-rounded and see this as an opportunity to help them grow in their faith through study and mentorship,” said Kuruvilla. “Our goal is to train the next generation of students to be great disciples of Jesus.”

In addition to being committed to providing students with a quality education, Sattler College is making higher education more affordable and accessible than other universities.

Tuition at Sattler College is around $9,000 per year, a fraction of the $33,480 on average required to attend other private universities. Additionally, the school is offering its inaugural class one year of no tuition.

“We have been blessed to start with no debt, which allows us to in turn bless our students. Many college students graduate from schools not only poorly prepared for their career but with over $37,000 in loans, making it impossible for them to be successful,” Kuruvilla said. “We want students to graduate with strong job skills and not be saddled with debt.”

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