The current mess at the White House is but a tiny indication of how far afield so-called “democracy” has flown, like a kite in a strong wind, away from its taught reality. History and social studies or government classes from grade school through college have filled so many minds with white nationalist propaganda feigning as truth, that today’s America is an amalgam of confusion, anger, blame, hate, violence and greed.

Through what psychologists call cognitive dissonance (“the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes . . . ”) working class white Americans have perennially been taught, and believe, that African Americans have no right to share the job market with them nor any other aspect of Americana. By not working as a collective, both groups lack power and divide and conquer reigns, rendering democracy a tortured aspect, in effect, a lie.

Meanwhile, middle class Americans tend to lock themselves behind gated communities where, in some instances, whites tolerate a modicum of non-whites – especially Orientals and white Latinos, but fewer blacks. This group, with the ready assistance of financial institutions, also push poor and near poor people out of inner cities through gentrification (often called “black removal” since a majority of occurrences are within black neighborhoods).

Note: The proliferation of churches in predominately black communities aid and abet the gentrification process. By Monday morning of every week, downtown white owned banks take in black church collection dollars that are invested with white developers for their black removal projects. Because capitalism is not understood, black preachers don’t form consortiums and open their own banks and redevelop black communities.

There was never an intention of the rich plutocrats and oligarchs that took this land from the Indians for democracy to be shared outside of their privileged group. All others were/are led to believe that this great notion applies to all Americans equally – except for people of African descent. While middle class whites are better off than their working class brethren are, they do not share the freedoms of the ruling class.

During slavery, fortunes were made through agriculture, mostly cotton and sugar cane, then more fortunes were made through the industrial revolution, bringing newer members into the ruling class. And now information technology is forging a new paradigm with the ruling class poised to try controlling it politically. But how can a nation be a democracy and a society of classes at the same time? The answer is it can’t and that’s the rub.

Americans have been bamboozled and led astray. Now we learn that American oligarchs have been “doing business” with Putin’s mob/diplomat boys in communist Russia for huge profits while helping to obstruct our recent presidential election. Some press reports say that the trail may lead right up to President Trump’s White House door. Trump put Wall Street plutocrats and their minions in charge throughout his administration that many writers claim is far right of any in recent history.

So look out America, the fox is in the hen house having its way. Black people are doing absolutely nothing meaningful while white America is mobilizing because they remember Germany of the late 1920s through 30s and the rise of The Third Reich. White nationalism is a fierce component of Western Civilization. It roils emotions that breed fear, intolerance and hate.

The eugenics movement derived from it and exterminations occurred throughout the black, brown and red parts of the world, but we only hear about the Jews which came later, through the German Nazi Party led by Adolf Hitler. A must read is the book, Mein Kampf (“My Struggle”) by Adolf Hitler. The brilliant research of Harriet A. Washington, the African American author of the book, Medical Apartheid reports experiments American white medical doctors and scientists have performed on blacks since slavery.

It’s not about Democrat or Republican folks, white nationalism pervades both political parties; and it is not about democracy either, because how can you have democracy when you are dominated by white supremacy in a plutocracy? Remember we looked at cognitive dissonance above? Well, it also applies here: Don’t let anybody convince you that the sky is green and you know it’s blue!