With 27 days left in the 2020 election season – Are your ducks in a row? Election season is officially here, and October is full of mysterious surprises, and everything that happens impacts the outcome of who wins, and who loses.

Everywhere you turn, every nationwide organization has been working for months to ensure voters are safe, secure, and protect everyone’s right while voting. With COVID-19 pandemic no one knows what to expect, and counting millions of paper ballots remain a major challenge. Early voting can be a positive way to get the ballots counted ahead of Election Day, and everyone is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

By Oct. 5 in Florida you must be registered and early voting begins Oct. 19, 2020, to Nov. 1, 2020. Check your state’s voter identification requirements, and in Florida the ID requirements are as follows: 1, Florida Driver License, 2, Florida Identification card issued by Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle, 3, United States Passport, 4, Debit or Credit Card, 5, Military Identification, 6, Student Identification, 7, Retirement center Identification 8, Neighborhood Association Identification, 9, Public Association Identification, 10, Veteran health Identification card issued by US Department of Veterans Affairs, 11, License to carry a concealed weapon or firearms, and 13, Employment Identification card issued by any branch department agency or entity of the Federal Government, the state, a county, or a municipality.

This election is more than the presidential election, and everyone is encouraged to research your local races, and vote down the entire ballot. “We’ve all heard so much about the presidential election at the top of our ballot, but it’s critical to vote for every race – and initiative – on your ballot. Every candidate and question can have a big impact on civil rights and liberties,” says Molly McGrath of the ACLU.

As a voter it is important to cast an informed vote and research your candidates and ballot initiatives before casting your ballot. This year, voters have more options than ever, and it is important to use the safest option for you with the pandemic.

The 2020 election will go down in history as the biggest “October surprise” in the country. President Trump, the White House, and many of the Republicans did not take the coronavirus seriously until it blew up in their faces.

President Trump was careless, did not wear a mask, and held events where thousands of supporters attended with no masks, and no six feet distancing. For some strange reason the president thought he could not get infected, and it would not happen to him. But he was wrong.

On Thursday evening or early Friday morning Oct. 1, 2020 President Trump announced to America and the world, he was infected with Covid-19. With the general election one month away, this news shocks the invincibility of the president and exposed to the world, ‘that when you play with fire, there is an explosion.’ After claiming the virus would disappear, and deliberately lying about the seriousness of Covid-19, he can no longer act like it does not exist.

As a super spreader the president has infected over two dozen members in his orbit, starting with his wife, advisors, senators, and friends. The list reads like a membership of the Republican powerful, and it was a breeding ground for coronavirus.

The list is as follows: First Lady Melania Trump, Hope Hicks, Kayleigh McEnany, Nick Luna, Bill Stepien, Ronna McDaniel, Kellyanne Conway, Chris Christie, Sen. Mike Lee, Sen. Thon Tillis, Father John Jenkins, Sen. Ron Johnson, three White House reporters, and 11 staffers from the Cleveland debate.

For the next 14 days President Trump is to be quarantined, what will happen to the Republican Party campaign?