In Ferguson, Missouri, when the stepfather of Michael Brown heard that the grand jury refused to indict Officer Darren Wilson, his very emotional words were, “Burn this mother f**ker down.”

And burn they did.

Over 25 businesses were looted and destroyed. Many owned by Black folk. Even two of the media people became victims of the so-called protesters turned angry mob. A male reporter had his car burned out along with some expensive camera equipment. The female passenger told of being threatened and told to get out of the car so the mob could set fire to it.

For over a week, protestors marched all over the country and caused organized chaos. For what?

They used the shooting of Michael Brown as an excuse to stop traffic and stop decent, hard-working people from going to work. So who were these protesters who could afford to march all day long stopping traffic and carrying signs, wearing masks like anarchists or scarves like ISIS, and taunting police?

Many of them were communists, anarchists and professional agitators. Michael Snyder writes “10 Signs that Communists are Infiltrating Ferguson Protests” in End of the American Dream

Some of the signs they carry might just tip you off –banners and flyers with “The Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party” on them, etc. How about them chanting outside the Ferguson courthouse, “The only solution is a Communist revolution.”

Van Jones, avowed Communist and CNN contributor stated he saw some professional protesters and then argued with Don Lemon from CNN who confessed that most of the protestors became violent. Lemon said there was too much “political correctness” in talking about the protestors, when it was clear that a large number of people were burning and turning over police cars and looting stores and then burning them. I mean we saw it for ourselves on the night that the grand jury’s decision was announced.

So now we have organized protests, indicative of the Occupy movement taking over cities like New York, Oakland and St. Louis. Even the St. Louis Rams got in on it by coming on the field with their hands up.

The mantra has become “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” even though the testimony of the medical examiners was that Michael Brown couldn’t have had his hands up by the way the bullets flowed through his body. And then we know that Michael Brown’s partner in crime, Dorian Johnson, lied when he said that Officer Wilson pulled Brown into his car and that he shot him in cold blood in the back as he ran away. And finally, that Brown turned around with his hands up. All lies.

But nobody cares. Michael Brown, who was a thug in life, has become a hero in death. Nobody cared about the black thugs who cold cocked whites in the street and ran. Nor do they care about the blacks who murdered white men in cold blood. They just care about the small number of blacks shot by white cops. That way they can claim racism.

So they want more black cops in Ferguson? What happens when black cops shoot black men?

My great grandson was jacked up and cold cocked knocking him over a park bench by a black cop, then five or six cops surrounded my great grandson who was now on the ground while the black cop stood over him punching him while the others (white and black) kicked him. Then my other great grandson rushed into the crowd of cops trying to stop them. Both of them were then taken to jail.

Would Al Sharpton and the other race baiters come to the aid of my babies? I think not. Because the main culprit was a black cop.

Joe Scarborough, Morning Joe on MSNBC, the liberal of liberals, said he could not take it anymore. The Rams holding up their hands was the final straw for him. And he could not understand why Michael Brown was a hero. He lamented that he had heard enough “B.S.” on air.

But the worse B.S. I’ve heard today is that Time Magazine will give the Ferguson protesters the “Person of the Year” award, just like it gave the Occupy Movement. Funny, Time totally ignored the Tea Party movement – mostly middle class white and black conservatives – calmly protesting the lies about ObamaCare. But they were called racists and terrorists.

Seems like Time likes groups which loot and burn or defecate and urinate in parks. And Michael Brown is a hero to liberals. Now watch the “Person of the Year” tear this country apart.

Barbara Howard is a political consultant, radio host and commentator and motivational speaker. She is Florida State chairwoman for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and Trade & Travel goodwill ambassador to Kenya. She may be reached at