PUERTO RICO – As the island continues to rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, strengthening its tourism experience for its visitors is a priority. To that end, ALICE, the hospitality industry’s leading operations platform, has partnered with the Government of Puerto Rico’s Tourism Company (PRTC) and Roca Marketing to develop an innovative destination concierge service and trip planning platform available to every hotel and visitor. The new mobile hospitality app, “My Puerto Rico,” will improve hotel performance and the guest experience, and bolster the island’s reputation as one of the world’s leading holiday destinations.

“My Puerto Rico mobile app was developed focusing on improving the visitor experience in our destination, as part of the efforts to strengthen our tourism offer. In order to compete globally, we need to reinvent ourselves and adapt to the needs of a modern traveler, who carries out all his efforts from the mobile phone,” said the Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló Nevares.

Unlike anything that has come before, the “My Puerto Rico” mobile application will provide a unique experience that connects guests to the island and helps hotels in Puerto Rico deliver the kind of personalized service that differentiates them from any other destination in the world. The partnership enables each property on the island to benefit from ALICE’s state-of-the-art concierge software, as well as progressive single island app and innovative guest SMS service.

“We are excited to work on such a unique project with the Government of Puerto Rico and the PRTC. Together we are positioning the island as the first to roll out a destination-wide initiative of this kind. In hospitality, we often focus on differentiating hotels from one another, but in this case, the PRTC is bringing hotels together to delight all who visit the island. The goal is to elevate the guest experience,” said Justin Effron, CEO of ALICE.

ALICE is the hospitality industry’s leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests. The company recently acquired concierge software provider GoConcierge to augment its concierge technology and customer service offering.

“We are not only pleased to officially announce our partnership with ALICE, but also very confident that the “My Puerto Rico” mobile app will redefine hospitality on the island and enhance the experience for everyone who visits us in the future. This initiative represents a great opportunity to position our destination’s tourism offering at the forefront of technology and innovation, which is one of Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares administration’s main priorities”, said PRTC’s executive director Carla Campos.

“My Puerto Rico” is a highly progressive solution that blurs the communications barriers between the hotel and its guests, placing the destination at the forefront of hospitality innovation and setting the standard for all future regional tourism and hotel management strategies.