Spend five minutes with Simone Kelly and her infectious laugh and joy for living might rub off on you. The radio host, life coach, holistic business coach and assistant teacher recently added the role of author to her list of accomplishments with the release of Like a Fly on the Wall, “a sexy suspense thriller.”

The Bronx native and Hollywood resident has been in South Florida for ten years. The South Florida Times caught up with Kelly, 42, to discuss the motivation behind her book and her philosophy of life.

I wrote it because I love learning and teaching people about how it is to live with intuitive gifts. I also want everyone to be aware that we ALL HAVE IT. We just need to learn how to tap into it. Like a Fly on the Wall also deals with themes such as healing from the past, family secrets, temptation and discovering our intuition. As an intuitive life coach, these are topics that constantly come up in sessions.

Being free-spirited means not really worrying about what others think of you. You can be respectful of others, but not guarded in who you are. I love being my authentic self—that is what I call true freedom.

I trust my intuition. I try to always follow my gut. Life flows so smoothly when I do!

I am living my life like each day is an adventure. I enjoy every single moment.

Three words to describe me are intuitive, outgoing, and wildly creative.

My life’s purpose is teach, coach, uplift, and inspire others to love themselves and release their fears. My company’s mantra is ANYTHING YOU WANT IS ATTAINABLE.

If someone was a “fly on the wall” in my life now, they would see how much I love to play.  I’m a giant kid and I think it keeps me so young and happy. I remember playing with my friend’s son and he asked me, “Are you grown up?” I confused the poor kid. LOL

People should read Like a Fly on the Wall because it’s a juicy, fun page turner that also has many deep messages…sometimes even eye-opening.

‘Like a Fly on the Wall’ is available at Amazon.com