JEFFREY K. LASHLEY (JLASH): Renowned photographer’s new photo exhibit on display in Miramar pays tribute to the cultural phenomenon that has left an indelible mark on the artistic landscape of our time. PHOTOS COURTESY OF HAMPTON ART LOVERS

Staff Report

MIRAMAR, Fla. – In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the birth of hiphop, Hampton Art Lovers is presenting "Sure Shot / Celebrating Hip Hop Golden Jubilee," featuring the photography of Jeffrey K. Lashley (JLash), on display until Jan. 2 at The Ansin Family Art Gallery, 2400 Civic Center Pl., Miramar, until January 2023.

The exhibition is a journey through the dynamic history of hip-hop, delving into its significance as both an art form and a cultural movement.

It features a curated selection of JLash’s iconic photographs of legendary artists including Trina, Dr. Dre, Trick Daddy, Puff Daddy, Big Pun,Uncle Luke, Tupac, Biggie, Rick Ross, Pitfall, and Khaled.

"The images of my exhibition offer a glimpse into the raw energy and artistry of the hip-hop world that has defined hip-hop over the past 50 years,” said photographer JLash. “Each frame tells a story, and together, they form a symphony of images that pays homage to the timeless artistry of this culture.”

Jeffrey K. Lashley, best known in photography as J Lash, is one of hip hop’s underground kings of photography. His journey began in Inglewood, Calif., where he was born and raised. He was trained in photojournalism at Cal State – Long Beach.

During that time, he began to document the L.A. hip hop scene and capture some of the greatest moments in hip-hop history. His body of work is connected to a plethora of stories and moments in history, personally experienced by the man behind the lens. But his style and talent for photography surpass just snapping a photo of important people in hip-hop culture. Lashley has always had an eye for capturing the perfect shot or the "sure shot."

Hampton Art Lovers is a cultural organization that promotes and celebrates the arts and artists of African descent.

"Through the lens, Jlash has captured the heartbeat of hip hop, and in every photo, he found the rhythm of a culture that transcends time. The exhibit celebrates the powerful, diverse faces of hip hop, each telling a story of resilience, passion, and unapologetic artistry," said curator and Hampton Art Lovers co-founder Chris Norwood “Through Jeffrey K. Lashley’s lens, visitors will gain a deeper appreciation for hip-hop’s artistry and enduring impact, which continues to unite people from diverse backgrounds worldwide."