lisa-rogers-cherry_web.jpgHere is a list of tips on how to save money while doing back-to-school shopping:

1. Don't wait until right before school starts to go back-to-school shopping. 
2. Call your child's school and get a list of required school supplies.
3. If you haven't gone shopping already, start comparing prices and sales ads and start picking up items now. 
4. Be sure to take inventory of what you already have. 
5. Set a budget for clothes. 
6. Check your local thrift store for reasonably priced, gently worn clothes.
7. If your child is required to wear a uniform, call the school to see if they have received previously worn uniforms that have been donated back to the school. 
8. Don't forget to find out when the tax-free holidays occur, because every penny counts!
9. If you don't have children, buy school supplies for children who are in need.

10. Find out which local organizations are donating free school supplies.

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