SOUTHWEST RANCHES – Prosecutors have released the closeout memo and other documents related to a bloody domestic violence incident involving Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall and his wife Michi Nogami-Marshall on April 23.

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The memo indicates Brandon Marshall, the supposed victim, was uncooperative and prosecutors questioned the accuracy of his statements and explanations given in the case. When he was asked to come in and provide a voluntary statement, his attorney told a prosecutor “that was never going to happen.”

Following the incident, his wife showed up at the couple’s home on June 20, where she was arrested for violating a court order to keep away from him. Marshall then showed up at the Broward Sheriff Office and was served a subpoena to provide a sworn statement.

“Shortly after being served with the subpoena, Brandon Marshall tore the subpoena into pieces and threw it on the ground,” Sarahnell Murphy, the assistant state attorney who heads the Domestic Violence Unit of the Broward State Attorney Office, wrote in her closeout memo.

Murphy expressed doubt about Marshall’s statement and explanations he provided about what took place. She noted the phone used by Nogami-Marshall to call 911 was ripped from the kitchen wall and Marshall said it was done by the family’s dog.

Nogami-Marshall was arrested on suspicion of stabbing her husband on the day of the incident. During a call made from her jail cell to a friend, she stated, “he attacked me.”

Prosecutors did not pursue any criminal charges against Nogami-Marshall due to conflicting evidence and uncooperative witnesses and the case was dropped.


***Pictured above is Michi Nogami-Marshall, left, and Brandon Marshall, right.