rose-tydus_web.jpgOpa-locka City Commissioner Rose Tydus is calling on residents of the city and Miami-Dade County to turn out for an annual Interdenominational "March for Jesus United."

Christians of every denomination, race, culture, tradition, age and color come together with Mission Miami in prayer and worship, she said in a statement.

The theme is “1 God – 1 Church – 1 March.”

The march will be held at the Dade County Youth Fairgrounds, 10901 SW 24th St. in South Miami-Dade starting at 8 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 4.

Unity is the only agenda. No one particular church or ministry will be focused. The goal is to confirm to our counties that the Body of Christ is UNITED as ONE under the banner of one accord; our voices will be amplified to make the “Good News” message clearer, more believable and more effective.

Mission Miami seeks to positively impact the community by helping to prevent and reduce the rate of youth involved with illegal and/or addictive substances, school dropouts, juvenile delinquency, sexual promiscuity and similar problems that affect youth and the wider communities.

For more information, call 786-249-0969 or visit

Photo: Opa-locka City Commissioner Rose Tydus