dan_gaetz.jpgTALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) _ The Republican-controlled Florida Senate has passed a plan to redistrict the 40-member chamber.


The vote as 34-6 on Tuesday. All but one Republican voted for the plan, as did seven of the 12 Democrats.

Opponents argued the map violates a pair of new constitutional amendments.

Reapportionment Chairman Don Gaetz, though, insisted it conforms to the Fair District amendments.

Voters approved the amendments in 2010. They prohibit lawmakers from intentionally drawing districts to benefit incumbents and political parties. Other provisions protect minority representation and require that lines follow political and natural boundaries when possible.

The dispute over whether the maps meet those criteria is expected to be resolved in the courts.

The Senate next began debating a congressional redistricting plan that likely will come to a vote Wednesday.