takeyah_young.jpgBy C.B. HANIF

MIAMI — Miami-based Takeyah Young is an engineer by training, an educator in practice and an entrepreneur at heart.

The child of Trinidadian parents is a certified Holistic Health Coach as a result of her studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She also is a certified yogi by way of Hatha/Vinyasa  training.

She has a background in Physics (B.S., Lincoln University of Pennsylvania), and Engineering (Masters, University of Maryland at College Park), with an emphasis on soul-centered wellness practices that facilitate mindful eating and an overall heightened knowledge of the unique needs of one’s body.

To express and continue to build on all that, “Takeyah,” as she is best known, founded Core Connection Lifestyle 12 years ago as a guide for individuals embracing a holistic approach to life. She has been to 16 countries sharing her knowledge, and is available for presentations, workshops, lectures and interviews on any health and wellness concern.


A life balance expert, wellness coach and speaker, specializing in helping the woman “who wants to tap into her healthiest self and create a sense of equilibrium and attention toward a body that looks and feels genuinely well,” Takeyah asks, “Is that you? Let’s chat!”

Yet ask and she is likely to tell you that her life journey — and those of the many women she is inspiring to “take living personally” — is just beginning.

Her Women Retreats, for example, are designed to expand their knowledge of healthy living through learning to manage their daily activities and provide solutions to the challenges they face.

Although the health coach and retreat guide recently postponed her second annual Women Only Yoga & Wellness retreat, set for the hills of St. Ann, Ocho Rios, Jamaica in October, she says, “No worries, I plan on having another international retreat next year.”

In the meantime, “I will most definitely have some domestic wellness events going on shortly,” she says. “I’m thinking of beautiful galleries in D.C. and gorgeous beaches in Miami.”


Her coreconnectionlifestyle.com website continues to serve as a treasure trove. Need pointers on what to do with ginger? Or a simple ginger beverage recipe?

Takeyah has the scoop on the why, as in flavor: “It’s aromatic + spicy. I love a good kick in my food, so I add it to my teas + my sauteed dishes. I also like the warmth it brings when I drink it. YUM!” She also has the insight on health: “The most common benefits are gastrointestinal relief + immune-building properties. However, it also provides anti-inflammatory + anti-oxidant effects against cells. #TakeThatCancer

Count on her too for a good kicker: “I typically buy my ginger drinks from local Caribbean food spots….because I know it will be good. Somebody’s auntie made it. So if it’s good enough for auntie, it’s good enough for me.”


When not presenting at Blogalicious, or speaking at Blogging While Brown, Takeyah is turning folks on her local organic food buying club. Or connecting them with her partners in consciousness such as food relationship coach Shelly Chapman of eatrelatelove.com, or entrepreneur Akilah S. Richards.

Just in: “While I will continue to offer programs and events (including retreats),” Takeyah says, “I am going to spend some time cultivating community. It’s what’s needed to help people connect and make decisions for growth.”

In addition to her own prolific writing, and all that’s been written about her, count on hearing more about this Miamian by way of Washington, D.C., who is the walking and talking epitome of what she succinctly calls, “strategies for personal sustainability.”