lucius_gantt_1.jpgAt this time in my life, whenever anyone asks me how I am or how I’m doing, I usually respond by saying, “I’m thankful.” At Thanksgiving, everybody around the dinner table is thankful for the food but I believe we all should be thankful every day that we wake up from a previous night’s sleep with blood running warm through our veins and a mind that understands what is said and done to us.

I’m so thankful for my ancestors, from God all the way to my biological parents and grandparents.

I’m thankful for my friends and family members who have loved me and supported me even when that support may have been seen as dangerous or ill-advised by people with devilish intent. I consider my supporters angels and also as soldiers who have protected me in times of trouble and have helped me in times of need.

I want to thank all of the supporters of black media who have encouraged me and sometimes demanded that I do what I do. I don’t have to speak out on issues and events that affect blacks in America and brothers and sisters around the world who are of African descent but who would I be and where would I be if I didn’t?

We all have a role and we all are a gift from God with God-given blessings. God gave me the gift to communicate and I’m just using my gift. You should use your gifts also. I hope that Gantt Report readers will do all they can to help themselves and to help others. Regardless of our education or social status, we can learn from one another and we can teach one another.

Adults can learn from children and children can learn from adults. Gantt Report readers can even learn from a junkie or a wino on the street who can school us on why we shouldn’t overindulge in anything.

I am especially thankful for the black media owners who are not afraid to seek, to broadcast and to print the truth.

In 2011, 500 years after slavery days, some of our people remain afraid to do anything that is pro-black. I’m so thankful that the media owners have given me, and you, opportunities to plead our own cause and tell our own story.

If the black press would not promote your activities, publicize your events, recognize your accomplishments and honor your achievements,  it wouldn’t be done.

Yes, I’m always thankful and you should be, too.

I’m not too big on holidays because I live in a city where I have no biological family members to gather and to celebrate with but I do have some friends and neighbors who look out for me and will invite me to celebrate holidays with their friends and family.

However, most holidays I sort of stick to myself. But I’m no holiday Scrooge.

Enjoy the remaining 2011 holidays and consider being thankful on Thanksgiving Day and being thankful every day. Whatever you do, don’t do too much, especially when it comes to eating and drinking.

Our struggle continues and we need one another to survive.

The Gantt Report thanks you for taking time to read this column and for supporting the editor, me. I love you all.

Happy Thanksgiving!