exercises_web.jpg(StatePoint) – One of the big challenges college students face is adjusting to a rigorous academic lifestyle. But an even bigger trial than cramming for exams is learning to survive on one’s own.

From knowing how to whip up dinner to doing one’s laundry, learning basic life skills marks the transformation of kid-at-home to young adult-in-the-world. The experts at Sun Products, the makers of Wisk PowerBlasts, offer these tips to college students:


The notorious “freshman 15” is no myth. Young adults who suddenly have free reign over their diets are not always inclined to make healthful decisions. From late night study sessions turned pizza parties, to all-you-can-eat buffets common to campus meal plans, avoid letting these nutritional pitfalls get the better of you.

You can improve your nutrition by prepping your own food sometimes. Even if you only have a microwave in your dorm, try whipping up oatmeal for breakfast and tacos topped with tomatoes and heated beans for dinner.

If you’re blessed with a full kitchen, you can be much more versatile. Pick easy recipes and follow them closely until you understand the principles of simple cooking. Once you’re comfortable with the basics, get creative with seasonings and ingredients.


In an average wash load, the ratio of body oils and sweat to visible stain is 20-to-1. All that running across campus to avoid tardiness won’t help. College is messy and your laundry will reflect that. Don’t make enemies with your roommate by putting off this necessary task until your next trip home.

If you’ve never done your own laundry, don’t stress. It may seem like an exact science, but new products are making it easier to get clothes cleaner with less guesswork. For example, Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts from Sun Products are a good choice for laundry newbies, as they come in an convenient, easy-to-use single dose form.

One dose, which you add to the drum of the machine before piling the laundry on top, contains the right amount of super-concentrated detergent with Micro-Cleaners that attack trapped body oil and sweat that some other detergents can leave behind.
When in doubt about the care of your clothes, simply read the labels.


Bad credit can follow you for the rest of your days, whereas good credit can help you secure loans with good rates. And good credit is even more important these days, as some employers run credit checks on candidates before making hiring decisions.

Don’t let college be a time to rack up credit card debt you can’t pay off. Before opening an account, thoroughly read the terms of service to understand how the card works and avoid incurring unnecessary fees.

Establish a bill payment reminder on your cellphone so you’re never late. Now’s a good time to create a budget that ensures you can pay your bill in full each month. Remember that in college the skills you learn outside the classroom can be just as important as the knowledge acquired inside it.